Friday, June 19, 2009

the best thing about me is you.

this for my sweetheart;

What can i say to let you know,
That without you my days were cold,
Now that you are back i feel that warmth,
Like when i held you in my arms so close.

All i ever wanted and needed in life,
I found it in you when i looked into your eyes,
You made me understand,
What true love is the moment you held my hand.

I wanna be and ride with you,
I hope you want that too,
Baby your my life and it's true,
I just can't help it but fall in love with you.

Anytime and anywhere,
I'm always gonna be there,
Showing you all my love and that i care,
Because only with you i know life is fair.

I promise nobody is gonna break your heart,
Not as long as your with me and holding on,
Our little world will never go dark,
Cause you are my beautiful, shinning star.

Baby our love will never be done or gone,
It can't seem to stop, it goes on,
It will be something nobody could ever sing along,

"i love you soo much!" XOXO.
Because we are more than a love song.

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