Friday, June 5, 2009

*what remains and what NOT*

nothing much really to brag abt but this is all abt my former school of mjsc pc. i went there to take my sijil spm and steppin' into that school made me felt like i was taken a way back to my schooltime, somewhere in past 2006. nostalgic ouh..

ppl change. so do places. and when new thing comes, does the old one remains? i left pc wif bunch of memories to be remembered on and a total fun to be laughed at. but yes, changes we all need. and what for? forgetting the past or makin things better?

ok, nako sdg mengarut. back to the topic; what remains and what not in my prev school. up from the new giant buildings, new astaka (tis time bkn kayu and kalis terbakar ok ;p) and new spacious office, everything seems to be all brand new. but as i scrutinized the atmosphere nostalgically, yet there are still few things remained as exactly as what i saw on my very last day.

no. 1:
it's funny to see all the new stuff there when suddenly u saw ur name still pasted on the board : the curriculum board. hello? da dkt 3 tahun pn masih x bertukar kah? it's either the new police cadets are moving numb or they can't afford to forget me..ahaks. syahmi, thirah, solah, ben dan semua ajk kadet polis sesi 06/07, jgn risau..your names are there too! :)

: aku masih di situ :

cover walk from ds + hostels to academic blocks pn x brubah. nothing change. same. btol same. most probably semua calon2 spm merasai ke-gementar-an yg same bile berjalan menuju ke dewan exam time nk amek spm. TAKOTT weyh..

: dua makhluk halus yg BESAR di cover walk :

no. 3:
the field. rerumput mantain hijau but cones trees kt tepi2 pdg da d tebang. ouh, kenapakah? pokok2 itu sgt chantek dan saye sgt sdey mereka sudah tiada. DEFORESTATION. *sigh*
eveb pokok chomel itu da arwah, the greenness and the smell of dry grasses still remind me of what kts gang love to do once upon a time. Justify Fulllpas bdak2 guys pc meninggalkan pdg bola dgn titik2 peluh mereka utk makan di ds (euww) muncul lah beberapa kenit berjalan masuk menuju ke tgh pdg smbil membawa tray berisi lauk pauk dinner dr ds. padang adalah tmpt bebdk kts mkn smbil snap pictas and makin videos for fun. mkn d pdg pada waktu petang yg hampir malam mmg amat menenangkan. bunyik je azan, kami cpt2 anta tray. (ore oyap anok daro x molep derak tym ngorib..hee)

: padang-tempat kts mkn dinner :

: astaka terbakar. sape pnye angkara? hmm, masih menjadi misteri.. :

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