Tuesday, June 23, 2009

mov audition.

to find a talented actor or actress to stage a play isn't that easy i tellya. comes screen test, filtered by audition and vetted by the witty judges. like any other so called program rancangan realiti tv in malaysia, our mov play too need talented heroes and heroins. will be staged at taman budaya ipoh in this august, the audition took place this afternoon and script writers are all now pulling their heads and teeth hard to come out with our script.

judges were the lovely ms jennifer and madam suguna. both said no word nor critized the candidates (fuhh~) but it seems like our cohort is lacking of guys stock..huahh, EXTINCTION! to compare with our previous seniors, they had this advantage which enabling them to stage a perfect mov! no doubt if Bassanio gotta be acted by a girl for this next mov. but then it will be no fun of having a fake Bassanio, who should be a guy. T_T" but what to do la kn..? too bad.

ok, next is my part.the part that telling you; me too went gedik and out of the blue decided to try my luck for Jessica's character, the daughter of the Shylock. and out of no where, after half an hour the audition was going on, i came with the idea of singing rather than reading out loud the archaic text that i even didn't understand at all. and so i wrote this few lines;

"I never see the world outside of me,
and i am too scared to believe,
oh thy love, come and please set me free,
for i know love will last eternity..."

silly. oh for God's sake it's sounds soo silly! but this was just the only thing that i could figure out at that time. taken out from the phantom of the opera main song, i plagarised the melody and mingled up those silly words above and with last touch of my own interior conflict that i created myself. after taking few mins meditating at the back of the room, i stepped in front, blinking like an idiot and began with a croaking voice. i was too nervous and so that i ended up my silly audition abruptly..LOL

anyway, it was fun acting like you are a world-top-superstar though you aren't but who cares la kn? :) for my own satisfaction, it was worthwhile and yeah, no harm trying! yeah!!

Jessica & and her heart, Lorenzo

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