Sunday, June 14, 2009

last night.

hi :)

today is sunday. a school day for my sisters, a working day for my parents and a holiday for me. im kinda bored really, now waiting for my sisters to come home from schools and tv programmes just a boring stuff to deal with. i've been in hol for almost 2 weeks ++ and there are still few days more to go before i end up letting myself trapped in ulu kinta jail for the new sem. thinking of new sem, it reminds me of madam suguna's quiz and her whatever tasks that she assigned for us to do in this break. i mean this SHORT SHORT break..haihh. hoping this new sem she won't be over excited with her so called night classes and feedbacks. i guess i've given her a REAL feedback before we all went for the hols.hah. when people crossed your border line, sometimes we need to let them know right? ok, enuf talking abt that.heh.


last night i couldnt sleep. i off for bed around 12.45pm, took off my contacts in its case, put some whitening lotion (i kelam ok.) and shut my eyes restlessly. i was waiting for his msgs actually, and predictg where he went missing for the whole day really made me felt even worse. i didnt know what had cursed me last night but i was abt to text him, favourg for a fight when suddenly he appeared in a msg saying sorry for not textg me on that day. well, lucky that i was a bit snailed in typing that msg, imagine if i sent that sms fers and later he replied.aiyak.die la me meh. but her dissaperance for the whole day really sadden me like a cloudy cloud abt to burst into its tiny rainy droplets. that silly kind of feeling bothered me until i heard my sister alarm next room at 5.30am. oh my! look at how many hours did i wasted sombering like hell in the middle of the night! frankly i could hear rosters from the next village (ahak) started to waking ppl up for an early business and i realize that i gotta sleep. i didnt count how long did i took to fall into my dream (a mix up of nightmare n sweet dream) but i woke up when my phone beeped around 8am and it was him. without replying, i think i deserved some more sleep and then istraight away dozed off.

* my sayang SI GEBU gave birth to her fers children..err, i mean kitten yesterday. 3 little new kittens to take care of..ohh i like!! no doubt, im a good hot momma ok? :D

* i was joing my fam watching a tv stuff called apa tu..jgn lupa lirik i guess and couldnt stop smiling mcm org 3suku when i realized Stacy, newbies from AF brape ntah wore da similar wedges as mine!! EXACTLY THE SAME i tellya! hahaha. and all of a sudden, i felt like am one of the top malaysian star too ;p poyo je kn

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