Wednesday, June 24, 2009

super lembap mcm snailpig.

2 3 days lately i'm totally bengang+marah+saket hati with celcom broadband connection which is over bengap. sucks la weyh...huahh. assignments will be comin in next and plis la jangan terus begini lagi. i pay the monthly bills, no late payment at all pun and i really don't think i deserve such service. apa dosa saya..?! just now sue came in to my room, together with her lappy. i wondered why and rupa-rupanyer broadband die pun sama galong! hak. she's even worse for she couldn't even dialed up the connection. me at least bole la nk connect and chattg and surfing but it's like waitg duit jatuh dr langit la if i facebook-ing.
i tell ya what celcom, plis la cepat2 repair anything that would make the service smooth balek like dolu2. if not, i join parti MAXIS.huh.

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