Sunday, January 24, 2010

ohh day.

Oh I suppose to do my L.DEV assignment now, but malas ;p Guess I deserve a lil lil break after a whole tiring replacement class today. Hey it's Saturday okay, what-da-ya expect.? haha. Btw, had fun during the L.DES class with that social expressions kind of thing, really.

In the verge of going back home; 13th feb got one whole week holiday! big YEAY for that. still lot of days to go tho ;p Sabar okay.?

Weight isn't get any lesser. *sigh* I mean I did try to cut out my meals and food intake but it just didn't turn out to be a success like the one before. why? I wonder.... Drag my ass to field in the evening? Naaahh, not a very good idea. idts. I should but just couldn't. Simply because I prefer staying up late at night and a short sweet nap around 3 - 5pm would do. short ka tu? ngeh ngehh~ This sem will be pretty busy wif books, homework and classes. Yaikss! Big days await on may >.<" *looking at mobile. Arghh, Sunday already; 1.12am. Another one day wasted doing nothing. Really in a big L mood now. L.A.Z.Y Thanks the evil L, you've made my day ;))

p/s: I found blogging is a way to express my feelings, my thoughts and my ideas. or in other words; putting my every bit of details from my virtual world to you know, visual. Somehow somewhat if a person out there feels offended with what I'm trying to share, well that's too bad. People come with different ideas, germinate different views pertaining something. Now that you are in my world, excuse me, you can't simply point your finger saying I'm wrong because we are contradicting. This is my piece of expressions. what I feel. what I think. I might be wrong, you might be right but after all, I write my blog from my very own viewpoints.



Shahril said...

nako..i totally agree with the last paragraph..our blog, our words, our ideas, our opinions...

: nako : said...

thats the reason why we write kan.?
to express our ideas..
thanks friend :)