Sunday, January 24, 2010

bha. patot lah.

It's pretty early lagi so I would like to post another, so here it goes.

hahaha. patot la..I notice 2 comments in my shoutbox, from DinH rasenye. At first tak paham kenape, thought he was the one yang text me regarding my lost jackass entry so I left the comment after him. So tady after my first post of the day, I blog walking tengok my coursemates punya updates. And I bumped into few blogs which I would say pretty interesting. Nah, I would minimize the use of adj in here because I could assure you might misinterpret me. The probability is high so why taking risk making things complicated, kan? :DD

Okay, let's get back to homo sapiens business. This is not an entry for me to justify myself that I'm on the right side, nor either judging you are in a wrong way. We're neutral okay? :) But this is where I'm going to clarify why or at least reasoning why we, the seniors felt the way we shouldn't few months ago. Thousands of apologies to the juniors cause somehow I know you guys will be offended reading my welcoming party entry of which I myself would feel the same way too if I was in your shoes. And also, for the such inappropriate remark saying that "we are different" kind of thing, my bad. Really. So the welcoming party, let's recall. The BBQ, little gathering that we had, firing one another with water balloons - that was fun and yet tiring for some of us. Because most of us had spent the whole day preparing the food and stuff before the party began, leaving 3/4 of us at least, weary and restless to immerse in the party at night, so we did expect something from the juniors. Seriously. Expectations as in terms of respect and participation. The participation wasn't that bad though, you guys did come in front and took part in the game series but what was frustrating; the respect we got from most of the juniors. If you ask me, or even the other seniors, most of us would agree on the same basic reason, a consensus. Perhaps you didn't notice the flaw but at the end of the day, we uttered the same similar complaints; respect. But that was simply pertaining to that event, only on that particular night. fullstop. So there goes my entry, which I reflected basically based on that night, based on what I had seen.

Might be 2 reasons:

I) Perhaps we shouldn't blame you on the first place; you guys were too many, couldn't be controlled with only Jamie and Alya leading in front.
II) Perhaps we were too little, couldn't simply turned things perfectly as we expected to be and organized things well.

whichever it was, without cooperation we expected to deserve, and a little respect from some of you, it ended up being an unpleasant experience for some of us, including me. So I would say that
everything I wrote was initially referring to the event, not more than that.

But that was then. I believe that as time passes by, everything turns out to be okay and most of us, if not all, are getting along with each other now. What was being written is what I was feeling at that particular moment and surely things are changing. No such disappointment in present :)
It's either to forgive and forget or the other way around, I'll leave it to you, okay? Chill.

Once again, sorry my apology if I've offended some readers, in particular. And yeah, also cause I prefer to write in English; but no harm doing so right? It's an individual choice. Yes, writing in English doesn't guarantee that you're a good English teacher nor a proficient English speaker. But by judging ones who write in English to have low patriotism and think high and mighty of themselves; I couldn't agree on that basis. For those who adore fancy writing like me, I found writing in English is a way for improvement; an interesting one :)
Guess the fear entry as well should be removed to avoid further misunderstanding. in future. Frankly speaking, the reason being I put in the warwick form picture in my entry is purposely only for my self-motivation; not for showing off or saying that "Hey, look I'm going to UK soon" , stuff like that. hoho. Now I realize how things can be ridiculously interpreted at times. :S

Nah, let by gone be by gone la kan. But after all it's funny really. hahaha. So let's roll it up here, at this point, knock knock on the gravel; case is closed ;p



DoDu@HaHA said...

saling bermaafan sesama kita... bukan saja dihari raya...

Shahril said...
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Shahril said...

can i just say..
shahril likes this...
maybe more than that..
shahril loves this...

: nako : said...

dodu: yeap. manusia ta perfect, kdg2 ta sedar apa yg kite buat tu offend org laen. so the best thing is bermaaf-maafan la...nak tnggu raya lmbat lagy; setahun skali je ;p

shahril: haha..boleh ja..

WANKRAI said...

kesilapan itu biasa.jadi bermaaf2lah sesama kita...p/s: ak pun ad entri psal bdak jnior ni dlu..very sorry dowh...

: nako : said...

ye be, sama2 lah kita.
jumpe esok di klas!

miSs Q™ said...

what's up wif da chaos??
i noe nothing...

btw, chill aa junior..
adat jd senior-junior mmg camtu..

btw, past is past
just forgive n forget..
let's remorse ;D

i just found out dat there r much3 more teslians dat hv personal blog..

am i right??

: nako : said...

haha..nnt story la syg, thought klas u da taw ;p

btw, xde pape pun lah. chill :DD