Friday, January 1, 2010

a lost jackass.

I never had a thought on how my new year hours should start.
hot guys..?

Ahh, those are lame. Not my cup of tea.
I never celebrate new year, frankly speaking. To which society nowadays might think I don't know how to socialize, too scared to face the future or I'm just another dimwit kind of type.

Whichever it is, I do not apparently CARE.

So to say last night, there was a little moron got lost on his way back from a new year celebration, and ended up texting me.

He started off with miss calls and sent me a text message asking me who am I.
I hesitated to reply but bunches of miss calls drove me insane, REALLY.
I fackin don't like strangers who come out of no where and ask me who am I; mind you.
It's like HELLO, you are the one who text me and now you are asking me who am I??

Pissed off, I replied:

"Who's this?"


"Org la, xkan kambing kot"

Heh. *panas suda*

"Mind to let me know where did you get my num?"
"Yellow pages."
"Duhh. Like seriously.?"

I was in bewilderment, does yellow pages includes hp numbers.?
So I text Akhbar "Max" Fathi for a confirmation using my another mobile.

1 minute
5 minutes
7 minutes reply..

Knowing he was out for his new year celebration with friends, so I decided to reply the stranger.

"Cause it sounds funny, really. U should have figure out something better for a reason instead of a yellow pages."

He replied;

"Haha. Ttup jew lah kamus tepi tuh. Wat malu jew."

and I was like...?
He thought I was checking the word in dic that it took almost 8mins to reply?
Gosh, I never met such pathetic jackass.

"Heh? I dun need any dic, FYI."
"Like seri0usly.??!"

omg. *panas ja*

"The only word that u know? ahah. Poor u stranger. Oh I dun give a damn on who u are."

Heh. was half-satisfied.

"Watchout ur words u!"
"Will do, no worries. But mind urs fers and I'll mind mine. and oh, thanks for the lil fight. U are no good, honestly speaking. Try with the dic next time."
"Arrogant shithead!!"
"And do u have problem with that mr.?" reply....

Full satisfaction.
It took me about few minutes to calm down and delete the messages in the inbox.
What an arsehole.
oh what a new year!



DoDu@HaHA said...

sabar yee cik nako yeee.. xyah layan pon xpe rasenyee..

however, good hit right there!!! hahaha..bullseye!

aqilah said...

wow, wat a bad day...
mmg mgspoilkan new year..
sbr je la..
aku pn x clbrate, juz dok atas katil tgok gssip girl

: nako : said...

dodu hebat: hahaha, bikin panas ja malam2 ;p thanks.

qilah: gossip girls better dr g celebrate new year kot. weh ko tgk season brape?

Shahril said...

pergh..amat otai dan gangster...

: nako : said...

tenkiu mr shahril :)