Saturday, October 17, 2009

back in here.

it's been awhile since my last post.
sorry, was away writing in friendster blog that i almost forgot i have another blog to be fed here..haha
emm so let's update.
well, im at home now for deepavali holiday.
just got back from sabah.
in process of gaining my 6kg weight back again afta recovered from long fever.
is feeling good.


that's all about it.

nyte :)


amir muhamad said...

i linked u :)

nyet... said...

nk tipu ah tu gaining 4 kg.
pdahal nk losing 6kg.

: nako : said...

amir: thanks :))

syami nyeynyet: eh, sebok lak die..haha
btol aa, x caye ke..xpe2~~

DoDu@HaHA said...

nak?? nak bg!!!! meh ar amek!

: nako : said...

bak ah cni 4 kilo 1/2..bole?
byk2 tanak gak..haha

DoDu@HaHA said...

4 kilo stgh?? skang 70...-4 1/2 tinggal 65 1/2 ok jugak tuH!!! nak pos ke??

: nako : said...

pos kan mahal lak.
next year bg, ok?