Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Need my Biatches!

Oh ohh! Woke up this afternoon & nampak sunshine. SUNSHINE! :) Lama tak panas, damn thankful rainy days had ended. Mak pun da start buat bundle jemur baju kat balcony atas. Jiran pun sama.

Damn I mish my biatches soo much! Wonder what they are doing. Charo must be in Kota Belud, will be moving in to her new house this hols. Wanie must be busy working, she got crazy for money whenever the long hols start. Oh sayang, hope u are doing good, tho ur ex boyfie is working there too. Be though okay.? Una must be busy having good time with her family and beloved one perhaps. The other gurls; I bet they are having some boring hols at home. Tell me about it. It's choking really being stuck at home. Wanna see u guys!! When shall we meet..?

Monday, November 23, 2009

hujan dan bosan.


Pejam mata, hujan. Celik mata, hujan. Golek kiri, hujan. Golek kanan, hujan. Dekat 3 hari aku kat umah sejak cuti start asyik hujannnn je memanjang. Payah benar nak tengok matahari. Memang takde kot. Normal musim hujan la kan tapi kalau asyik hujan je bosan gak hidup nih..

Plan aku nak tour negara ni hancoss lagi sebab abah aku ta kasik gi berjalan hujan2 camni. Takot stuck banjir mana2..adoii. So terperuk la aku sini sorang2 kebosanan. Bile hujan, perut mesti lapar. Dah lapar mesti nak makan. Keje aku cuti ni selain dari layan facebook ngan tido, aku kerap MAKAN. Aku rase by the end of this year la kan, budak2 pantai timur semua jadi sehat2..hahaha
Mana taknya, hujan bikin perot lapar.

Pandang luar, hujan lagi. *sigh
Makin lebat. Suasana makin sejuk. Enak juga kalau tidur ni kan?


Thursday, November 19, 2009

HELP needed.

This is a cry for help. Help to pack my stuff.
Volunteer, anyone.?
Kenny in return, deal.?
Arghh. I'm so not in mood for packing. Down with fever and just wanted to doze off. Can I?
Dad is already here but I haven't pack a thing.
Will be going home tomorrow.

Malas. malas. malas.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

tesl nite part II

*sila rujuk tajuk entri.

glad that it has ended. what a relief! :)
nothing else to worry, just another wonderful lazy week before leaving the college.


kemalasan bermula. hiyarhh!

and oh. here are some random pictas for the event. *hasil kutipan klasmate*

campur aduk.

tema environment; x cool langsung :p

backstage action.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

tesl nite.

: TESL NITE part I :

Talent-time show; tesl nite bakal dan sepatotnya on malam ni.
Dan seperti biasa, rehearsal penuh akan start a day before the big night.
Tapi yang ntah kenape aku rase macam maktab ni ade 3 hari tesl nite plak.
Mana tak nya, hari2 ade rehearsal penuh, malam siang pagi petang; which is a good thing but at times there seems to be no surprise anymore.
Sume orang da bole predict ape akan berlaku, sape akan nyanyi, sape akan menari.
Step da bole hafal.
Dan aku sniri pun da bosan naek atas stage perform hoedown throwdown. seriously.
Dan sumazau bikin kaki aku lenguh.
Tak mengapalah.
It's just some sort of giving-basic-experience kinda show. Next year probably would be better cuz time tu da ade hall baru. hopefully.

OFF. another full rehearsal to go. o.O"

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Death is easy; peaceful

Living is harder..."

Saturday, November 7, 2009

hi nov.

hi November! :)

Entry fers bulan ini.
Hoping that i won't be too lazy for updates since we had finished our 3rd sem syllabus.
Come Nov, there's nothing to expect but rains. It's been raining and raining every single evening since past few weeks in uk. Same scenery, ahh boringg~

Let's see what are coming up:
  1. Allowance_9/11/09 desperately need money!!
  2. TESL night_14/11/09 8.30pm
  3. BBQ_should be today but has been postponed.
  4. Last day of school_20/11/09 oh ohh!! :))

Long semester break is just around the corner. Gotta figure out awesome plans for that :)
and i'm thinking of;

  • Holiday tour I: penang, kulim, kl.
  • Holiday tour II: jb, melaka, seremban, pahang.
  • Holiday tour III: kb! :)
  • gotta settle my driving test.
  • hair too need to be given new cut.
and of course,
  • there's always a need for cooking lessons and self-improvement ;p

oh can't wait for holiday!