Saturday, November 7, 2009

hi nov.

hi November! :)

Entry fers bulan ini.
Hoping that i won't be too lazy for updates since we had finished our 3rd sem syllabus.
Come Nov, there's nothing to expect but rains. It's been raining and raining every single evening since past few weeks in uk. Same scenery, ahh boringg~

Let's see what are coming up:
  1. Allowance_9/11/09 desperately need money!!
  2. TESL night_14/11/09 8.30pm
  3. BBQ_should be today but has been postponed.
  4. Last day of school_20/11/09 oh ohh!! :))

Long semester break is just around the corner. Gotta figure out awesome plans for that :)
and i'm thinking of;

  • Holiday tour I: penang, kulim, kl.
  • Holiday tour II: jb, melaka, seremban, pahang.
  • Holiday tour III: kb! :)
  • gotta settle my driving test.
  • hair too need to be given new cut.
and of course,
  • there's always a need for cooking lessons and self-improvement ;p

oh can't wait for holiday!


DoDu@HaHA said...

u better start to learn how to cook malaysian meal ooowhh..

we need some SERIOUS help here...

: nako : said...

really.? ah, dem la.
i really can't cook ouh.
i mean rather than nasi goreng and drinks.
but, sokay la if ktorg x reti msk pn. t korg la yg mskkn utk para junior.hahaha

DoDu@HaHA said...

siap laa korang nnti...

bakal jadi courier kami...


: nako : said...

oh tidakkkk~~
x bole2, brg byk..hahahaa

hey how u doin.?

DoDu@HaHA said...

fine... bored.. like always..

: nako : said...

bored in the beginning of winter,? oh c'mon~~

put on a smile man :)