Saturday, October 22, 2011

When it's too stiff to even inhale.

syntax and semantics are two things besides technology that complicate my frickin life.

It's the end of the Week 3 and it feels as if all walls are slowly closing in on me now. The changing weather, the packed uni life and even the weary body itself - everything seems to be bogging me further and further down sobss.

God how I loathe when it comes to friday. Tutorial starts as early as 9 and only finishes after 5. And with freezin winter coming in our way in weeks, all I could wish for atm is just the bloody motivated spirits to keep me going with every single stuff. But with this bit ounce of willpower left this energy is really unusually slow in pace I might end up squandering my ass round and round and roundddd in endless productivity suffer big time...

Or perhaps a break from my cycled routine would help easing things out.? Hm.

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