Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer fringe x

Lovely weather's the new fashion yays! :D Managed to get my Sony out today for a lil evening walk with them girls & Raja Kapoor (the guy who can't be moved lol). Lets snuggle with some popsicles and enjoy the not so cool photos! xxx

Date: 28/05/12 (Sunday)
Time: 7.42pm - 9.06pm

On the march. From left, 1...2...3...!

Screw the focus I just lovee the heatwavee :)

Summer fling? Lulzz.

New tripod is a great buy! Lightweight & super handyy. Welcome to service, baby! :)

There he was. Soo caught up in songs while the vainpots camwhoring lol.

 Spring leftover. Would love for them to stay all year through though :S

Walk a dog, walk yer thought. Eh?

Sunset, finally! I've been wanting to snap this scene ever since the first summer day hit the UK. Mission accomplished!