Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer schedule :D

2 days away from our Europe trip, and 24 days away from Malaysia :)

Europe Trip (KC): 
16 days (07/07/12 - 22/07/12)

I'll be touring from London to: Amsterdam and Volendam (Holland / the Netherlands), probably a quick stop at Brussels (Belgium), Heildelberg and Fussen (Germany), Innsbruck (Austria), Venice, Rome, Pisa (Italy), the Swiss Alps and Launterbrunnen (Switzerland) and lastly, Paris & Disneyland (France). 

This summer should be funnn!

Updates on our 3rd year seniors' certificate giving ceremony, farewell party and send off should come after the trip ends. Till then, I'm busy lol byeee! :D

P/S: May Allah swt ease our journey :)


rushymuhammad said...

sangat bertuahhhhh...*jelesnya T_T''

Din Hilmi said...

Souvenir please (Innsbruck is the must!) :p