Monday, August 8, 2011

Longest hiatus.?

Blogspot fulls with cobwebs and spiders, I'll leave some quick updates it's been weeks since my last post :)


Sambut Menantu

I insisted this event to be held once I'm home with everyone's around and yeah, I finally had it all just the way I wanted it to be done :D

21/07/2011 - 24/07/2011

Rinie and Nuraz in Terengganu

Took them two to Pasar Payang with morning ride of bot penambang. Classic. Haha

Nah, KT I-city. Now you don't hafta go down all the way to Shah Alam for this lol.

25/07/2011 - 29/07/2011

Ipoh Homecoming Trip

2 years and I'm back to Ipoh, albeit for just few days. Felt sooo good to be there and to be franked I did miss Ipoh & heaven massive food choice in Tambun. Major reason why I couldn't resist leaving home was that I was dying to see Harry Potter 7 & Transformers life's surely miserable with zero cinemas and slow home internet connection in KT =.="

Kenny Rogers in JJ was and always be my fave :)

Ramadhan 4th - 8th

Bff's sleepovers

Fatin came all the way from Sg. Petani and spent 2 days at home before we went to Atie's for another sleepover in Rhu Sepuluh. Had lotsa funn w the girls and our 3 days were fulled with stories and gossips those were just what I needed for my august! 6 years passed and yet they are my best girls everrr! :)


faizal bidin said...

aku ajk buke pose xmboh..

Din Hilmi said...

KT I-City? Seriously? o.O

: nako : said...

peja: marah ke bangg? haha. tula kaw balik time aku gi ipoh. hish

din: yuppp hahaa. mini one