Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pray for London.

Or izzit pray for UK by now?

Few days ago when I first heard about the riot in Tottenham from dad I never expected this incident'd have came all this far spreading all over to Liverpool, Bristol and even Birmingham. When I got home and friend left for SP last night I knew things are getting worst with everyone's expressing their worries and anxiety for friends in facebook and tweeting about the whole tragedy everywhere. Up till now, this sickening rioting is sure jeopardizing the public more than it does to the police or the Britian government itself =.=

I couldn't get more worried and bittered with what is been happening especially after watching a vid posted by friends bout our Malaysian student who got mugged ruthlessly in Barking when he was on his way to get some food for Iftar. With broken jaw and broken tooth he's now currently in Royal London Hospital and is undergoing an operation soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYuMPw6Yi3k&feature=youtu.be
Those chavs sure deserved to be taught to respect laws in the hardest way really I hope they are all gonna get arrested asap. To friends who are still in the UK travelling or staying over for summer, please take care and stay indoors. We don't want the same tragedy in Egypt occurs in Britian what more in this holy Ramadhan :(

Lets cross our fingers praying for our Muslim friends' safety, peace and this madness to end.

p/s: So is London Bridge rhymes is coming real right now?


Emmet Muhamad said...

london bridge is falling down!

eh, kt tempat ko okay ke?

: nako : said...

falling down falling down! haha

so far, alhamdulillah okay je tak seterok birm. seb baek aku kat msia skang :)