Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello to frosty winter!

Little did I notice how December seems to be drawing in faster than ever. Cause last time I checked, I was in the midst of week 7 busy trolling around in Cardiff and Bristol with the girls.
With chilly winter and frosty flakes are starting to appear today, it means we are no further from ho-ho-ho-holiday. Sounds delusional yet soo true it's already the end of the week 9 and comes another Friday, I'm done for the Term 1 Year 2 yeays! :D

Talk about time. Funny when it moves uh? :)

But in the meantime I don't quite have the weekend all for myself. Movies, late chats and board games hafta put on hold to make way for 3 assignments which are patiently in the due queue. Fortunately Harry was being benevolent enough to give us a rain check on the dateline for LCP, at least I just hafta work my arse on one essay for the entire weekend. Once it'll be handed in to Maureen this Thurs (no intention for early submission lol), I shall have my veritable so called winter break! :3

And oh, I'm running out of my coffees stock for now, particularly mild. Though I don't quite see an eye to eye with Britain's nescafe (yet), I think I gotta start searching for spare opts soon. Yknow, just in case. Cause I sure gonna need more for winter.