Friday, November 9, 2012

Fooding vs learning?

Wait till you're deadly starving, you'll appreciate your food more. Wait till your students struggling, they'll appreciate your feedback more. 

You're fungry, yes; but you might not want a big massive chuck of just rice on your place to fill in your empty tummy. Talking from experience, a starvy stomach might crave for a colourful variety rather than a qualitative one-typed quantity. My ideal portion of perut kampong would be of nasi, bbq chicken, a cute scoop of fried veges. and these would defo do the trick. 

The basic same principle applies to learning, you might want to reconsider giving the huge chunks of same-typed feedback provision to your struggling students. A little bit of everything is always the best (I concur). Go for a little tangy oral feedback mixed in a mild plenary or discussion sessions. And add a pinch of peer evaluation pepper for an add-up acquisition taste - your learners will discover the savour at its best. 

I know this seems to be the furthest from legitness sense but the least, that's the learning logic. 

P/s: I'm friggin starving.

2 comments: said...

It's the same concept after all.

Nako Abdullah said...

yes, it is.