Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mesir, lain kali aku datang.

"Kalau ada rezeki, InsyaAllah tak ke mana." (Abah, 2012)

2 3 hari jugak contemplated nak cancel winter trip to Egypt atau tak sebab dah lama mengidam nak pegi sana. Tapi recent crisis in Middle East kinda put me off sebab firstly, Abah was against the idea of me going there and he's really worried about my safety.  Secondly, my friends in Alexandria pun cakap the same thing:  Cairo still OK masih selamat untuk tourists sebab jauh from Gaza but they did not recommend Sinai cause it's next to the Israeli's border, and with the riots are still going on, it's really really risky. 

When the Palestinians and Israeli's finally agreed for a ceasefire yesterday I was soo positive that things are going to be OK, and that I might just as well continue with the plan to Egypt. But then when I got home  from a long Friday and read about today's news from the Telegraph about today's riots in Tahrir Square in Cairo over Morsi's recent decree, I know things gonna get ugly for at least a week or 2 in there. So that was when I finally decided that I should forget Giza & Sphinx for my winter. 

So now that the flights are cancelled, no camels no desert for December, looks like I'll have the winter all for myself. Hahah! 

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