Friday, May 28, 2010

of laughter and tears part I.

We had laughter, sighs, tears and fun within a day. The longest day ever I'd say, everything happened in a single Thursday. Things can't be expected. Never.

The night before, we had this;
Event: Farewell Dinner B.Ed TESL Cohort II
Venue: Casuarina Hotel
Time: 2000 - 2300

Everybody dressed to kill with mixtures of black, white, red / pink theme.

Ladies on heels ;)

Nah, some more for eye-peeping :D

the COOLest :)

and that was the night before. Party too hard, got drunken till midnight we ended up attending the counseling session like this;

Event: Counseling Session
Venue: Room 7Time: 0800 - 1030

but it seemed like someone was enjoying something...

haha..ain't enough ya shahril.? ;p

and comes the tears part. We don't wanna talk about it, ain't we.?
People learn best in a painful way so hopefully we could do better in future.
Whatever they said, to me, my comrades are the best. Real peeps and real family.
"What is done can't be undone."ok SKIP.

Thursday ain't end yet. We had this too;

Event: Last Tutorial Meeting
Venue: Room 19Time: 1200 - 1300

Hard to say but this is our last tutorial session before we off for the long holiday. It ain't just a tutorial, it means more than that. Than anything.

In my life, I've never met someone so special who is able to change my perspectives and influences me in everything I do. But she did. Rewind a year or two being a teacher is never but always be a nightmare for me, for most of us but she comes and shows us the beauty of it. A role model and a great tutor, that is her.

Soon enough, she'll be off to USA afta her wedding on June 19th to further her study in Michigan University and to begin a new chapter of life. Though it's kinda saddening for she's leaving earlier than us but I know she'll always be there for us ;)

We've been through thick and thin together; the memories, will forever remain.
One thing for sure, we'll miss your banana cake damn much ;p

Letting go of someone you love is ain't easy.

Oh boy. lol

Thanks for showing us light when we only see darkness ;)
Miss TJ, you're always loved <3

Hey I got cute dolphine, u comrades? :DD


and that was just half of the tiring Thursday. We had another farewell party by the juniors and class outing events lined up to share with. Stay tune for the second part of the 'laughter and tears'. lol
Will be back! :DD


Shahril said...

oh...aku sorang je la enjoy sesi motivasi tu..

syahmi said...

Rawrrrr.... Bakpo napok spo rima?

: nako : said...

shahril: yelaaa..ko je. berlaha hidong siap..haha

syahmi: rima.? mano rima? ;p

Charo Summer said...


fadhillahbakren said...

hahaha...mula mula gelak,lepas tu.ermm..sebak.

a great twist indeed!