Thursday, February 3, 2011


Reaching 6.00am, don't dare to sleep for I might end up missing Oracy and Culture seminars at 9am. Well Oracy is optional tho *hahaha* if Culture mati la if attendance ada telur ayam =.=" Suda la si Lynette kedekut marks lagi tuu. Anyway, this week has been a major torment with Culture's assignment writing about SLA principles and audiobilingual approach exluded pages of bilingualism journals for seminar. The toughest assignment so far I'd say. Minus anything that called SLA. Ain't it suppose to be CULTURE & CITIZENSHIP and why the endless readings of language revitalization I was like "Whad-de-heck is this Culture or Socio am I studying right now?" ugh ugh thanks for being so thoughtful Lynette, thanks for the bilingualism reading and all...

Well am not gonna waste an entry talking bout those stuffs so yeah :) Now that assignment finally submitted I really gotta arrange a sweet date this weekend with bff for movies or dining out somewhere nice since since my birthday's just around the corner. Yayy! :DD You might wanna have a peek at my wishlist for February (in caseee you're interested :p) but it's more like a tradition for me making one, prolly for self-satisfaction cause at the end of the day I'll end up not getting any of those anyway LOL

I-Wish List :)

a) Sushi all-you-can-eat-day *been craving for it*
b) vintage drap cardigan. or coral orange. or black.
c) macaroonsss!!!
d) Accesories. of any kind
(but I have one in mind - long necklace with paris chain)
e) New jackets. new sweaters.
f) Freedom of being 21 *is that really exist? LOL*
g) Lipo suction treats. *needed most fyi*

that's for now and more to come I suppose.?

But if God fulfills only one wish per year I'd go for losing weight. Oh no that's fictional (forever not gonna happen) Think I'd wish for having another 3 more options. tehee, wiser kann? :) Either wishing on birthday-day or ordinary weekends seems like it doesn't make any difference anymore (had it?) cause yeah, I usually wish tonnes everyday...

All I want for birthday are

Izzit to much to ask? :(

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Din Hilmi said...

prefer to look on thousand lines of coding from those scary terms.. huhuh..