Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big bro's wedding! :)

I think the whole wide world has already known that today is the wedding day for my devil brotha I've been posting everything everywhere all around the sites since past 24 hours. And sorry sista I've been bugging you to on your laptop 24/7 just to let me skype home (even after 3am when nobody's around to entertain me but my cat) am just way too excited to see how was the preparation been going on. But guess even you get to see everything through your tiny little hole they called effin webcam, still missing yet another important event in your life isn't such a pleasant way too celebrate the weekend albeit yeah, that UEFA victory of Barca ftw crushing the Red Devil is still, veins - overwhelming. Lucky it's the wedding day on the bride's side I still have the sambut menantu majlis waiting for me this early of July, just when I reach home for my summer break :')

So right now they are all off for the bride's house for the akad nikah & bersanding. Lets just hope my sista will keep me posted with mms and instant messages throughout the event (you bet sista! or else no glasses frames no booties no dresses for you when I got back home LOL) cause am gonna stay awake all night till morning waiting for those so if there aren't any that would be just, frustrating... Read me sis I felt wretched enough for not being able to be there at home with everyone so really, DO SEND ME UPDATES LIKE PLEASEEE.? :(

I hope everything gonna goes well and well and well and that my bro won't go stammering (haha!) upon reciting the akad that would be a scene! :P I've been teasing him about that akadphobic since last few hours haha but yeah hope he doesn't get nervous that much, aye brotha? You seemed so much happy when we last skyped so hope the smile you threw me while ago tells me exactly how you are feeling now. :)

That's the mak andam my beloved mak sedara trying to put up the songket :)

Just before they left for the event sorry for the poor snapshot quality the connection was being such a pain in the arse.

Here are some of the hantaran:

Congratulations Big Brotha & Kak Nor! xx

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