Sunday, August 9, 2009

ini bukan obsesi.

It's been awhile since i have this kind of feeling. Realizing the changes in me, i keep on questioning why on earth there's no REAL gym being built here; in this campus. *sigh

Spotted recently;

  • I'm getting porky. what a fatass!! warghhh! Blame on me. Starchy food & chocs taste hell as if they were made of sunshine. Stupendous, damn irresistable i tellya. i'm a food maniac. Friends tell me repeatedly that i'm slim enough, well it was, until this morning. I was standing in front of mirror, just afta went for a late shower & instead of seeing my jutting-outs flabby stomach, i saw fat arms; as if they were triple-zoomed. OMG.OMG.OMG. really it can't stop freaking me out.
  • I'm getting lazier, too. And the worst part of it, my tendency towards sleep seems to be out of controlled. Only God knows how hell i spent my several past days hibernating like a polar bear. Ask una, she won't hesitate to answer ;p Perhaps life in this college itself has made me to turn out to be like this. I tend to stay indoor at all the time, exercise less (i mean least) & do nothing when bored but to eat, gossip & sleep. menarik bukan? heh. It's like if i eat something, it's comforting & gives my brain something else to think about. ohoo. sungguh stupid pemikiran ini :s

Cutting out meals or food intake isn't a wise idea tho. well, maybe :p But i'll try my best to drag my ass for at least a jog per week or do some walking or any recreational activities during evening. Azil u gotta drag me to field. Kick me, punch me or do whatever u like; as long as i don't sleep exessively.

*sigh lagi.

Life itself is fattening; sometimes. Kan?


DoDu@HaHA said...

FYI, maktab ade gym laaaaa..


tapi mase kitorang ade, geng2 hero remaja je yg men kat gym tuh..

try laa.. btul2 dpan stor sukan tuh..

nabila said...

duk mktb mmg mampu menggemukkn.haha

sha sha =) said...

let me kick ur ass. dun sleep! ur brain need more than that. more sleeps make u feel restless tau. =p
pesanan dr penaja.

Anonymous said...

syg..u're thin ok??


but if u want to have a lil exercise in the evening, i must say it's a good move to stay healthy.. *ak kan lg mls dr ko*

hahahahaha :p

kecikcomei said...

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: nako : said...

dodu hebat: gym dpn court tennis kah? tp that one bkn gym btol pn, xde alatan sgt jek..huahh.

lala: sgt lala, mmg mengemukkan.

sis sha: plis, do kick me plis..hohoo. or at least spank me pn tape..hehe ^^

deep kecik: kecik syg, if im thin then u nipis larh..hihik :)

DoDu@HaHA said...

takkk... satu bangunan dengan gym besar tuh.. tapi ade pintu kecik kat blakang tuu.. btol2 mngadap stor sukan... g carikk.. ade sume.. basikal ke... trek joging setempat tu kee.. dumbell kee..

nak masok ley mintak abg mail bukakkan..

: nako : said...

ooo..tu gym ke..
cyes x pena taw tu gym, igtkn stor brg2.. informasi yg sgt berguna, trime kaseh incik dodu :))