Tuesday, April 20, 2010

boyfriend jackets.

I've been eye-ing her quite awhile, since my last hang out wif bff I saw one.
And ever since that I've melted.
I called her sleek jacket, at first, not knowing she is called boyfie jackets.
Thanks charo for that; we fall for the same girl. gorgeous isn't she.? lol

I won't brag much but guess you know what I'm talking about.

Gotta see this;

Yeah it goes sorta broady but see the double breast collar.?

the gladiator too. and it's all black!!

COOL... *drool*

Okay this is pretty classy. A sequin strapless brocade kinda like. An ankle tie cuff from Penneys.

For a rock star to be, it suits well. Miss Nancy, you might wanna drool on this too. lol

Doubt it's available here tho :S

I rarely fancy colours but black with lil white. and this one is apparently contradict.

White boyfriend jacket surely out of my wishlist but seeing this gurl wearing one isn't look that bad after all.

Is it the colour that beautify the blazer or is it because it's MEGAN FOX that matters.? darn.

Nah, Charo this is for you. for a skinny anak cina like you. XD

This is Bailey 44 by Viviendi Fashionista. With you wearing this on and your guitar, Mr E might

want to give you a full ticket instead of a half one. haha

Like this one most :) Simply because it's unusual and a bit different of any boyfie jackets kind of type.

And of course the infusion of black and white on its hedgy collar is way too irresistible by far.

See its material.? ain't sleeky like her most friends are kan.? Rare, that's why I like it.

But others are perfect gorgeous too; I gotta need a long list if you want me to name it all. Try ask help from Mr Google, he won't disappoint =)

Which one you'd choose lovelies.?


DoDu@HaHA said...

I choose Megan Fox!

syahmi said...

I choose u mek! Hahaha.

mcjust.lol said...

yeahh. the last one is cool. rare item. :)

: nako : said...

dodu: heiyaa, megan fox juga mau. lol

syami: u chose me.? aww..hahaa

mcjust: nice kan.? ^^

Charo Summer said...


those are drop-dead fuckin gorgeous.

aku aim tu boyfriend's jacket di esprit. (dun touche!) hahaha.

oh3! miss nancy loves dresses! and i dun think she goes for boyfriend's jacket.. she's way too cute for that. hee! =)

: nako : said...

oyy now juga aku g esprit beli yang ko mau tu..hahaha

ya forgot our miss nancy is a lady. :DD

WANKRAI said...

megaaannn fokkksss!!!!

erna bt. ramli said...

Bailey 44 by Viviendi Fashionista. love it!!
please,kasi satuuu..!!

: nako : said...

abe: sebab megan fox je tu jacket jadi hot. jgn tertipu abe..haha

erna: ko salah eja la, bukan kasi tapi ingin satu....!!
*ingat aku cop duet ka mau kasi ko? hahaha

nooratikah said...

hye daRL!! i luv the 2nd one... ok need to add to my wish list too... hoho... last weekend i saw one exactly like the 1st pic... let me try to figure out which shop... lalala... the price is !@##$% for my condition right now....sigh.

: nako : said...

oh my oh my! whereeee.??!
tell me ouhh!

we'll see how much it costs; either it too adjusts with my condition or not. lol