Friday, April 16, 2010

ring ding dong.

Kelegaan yang amat.tidak terkata :))

So a little reward for the ending of assignments era; forty winks, movies, gossips and lads, if any. lol
Not really going out tho, girls are mostly going back home. the weather? argh, tell me about it. Hate it when it comes to day. Blistering hot and walking back from classes every noon just worsen the nightmares. Prefer staying indoor, indulging myself with a super nice old town white coffee, headbanging with some good songs while stomaching slices of bread sandwiched with peanut butter and chocs. Stupendous! :DD
a pure lazy week-days - that's what I'm longing for!

Whilst at one hand assignment has just ended, the worst is yet to come. 17/05/10.
Hope to find a way out of my poor time management thingy. I'm fail to plan, really. Innateness.
Needing a cure injection for this so badly.

Well guess that's about it.
Enough for just a simple poppin' to keep followers informed of what I'm up to.
Yeah, will be back later no worries.We'll see,perhaps.

I didn't count this as an entry tho. Sounds soo overcast it's very not me. Monotonous. Real one often full with cursing and effing bad words. haha.
I owe you stories ya people, do wait till I come back.

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ttfn :)


Charo Summer said...

baru la mau update. mampuh mung!

ni weekend pakai bikin kasi putih kulit yang hangus pasal weather panas ni la. stay indoors jak.


DoDu@HaHA said...

Solution 1-pakai sunblock..

solution 2-pakai payung.

solution 3-beli kereta.


: nako : said...

charo: cilakak anak cina nih! hahaha

dodu: kereta?? saya tiada mampu...hahah

WANKRAI said...

kalo nk ilng pnas,beli la kpas kecik satu...bleh bwk g mmana ko suka...

: nako : said...

haha macam sia-sia ja abe. panas sini berhaba, kena stay lam peti ais baru la ngam..