Monday, April 26, 2010

reveal yourself.

Hi fellas! :D

How's Monday been treating you.? Hectic, ain't it? >.<" Just got back from class tho, it's been a pretty long day for me. and the weather....*sigh.

Nah, let's cut it sweet short baby. Just now I came across this site; knowing-what-your-birth-of-month-means and would like to share it with my dear followers :)

I know this ain't something new, but still I insist you to read this. lol
I find myself deliriously aroused when each of its details matches my personality and I assure you'll feel the same way too; regardless of how many time you read it :) So, lets reveal what your month of birth tells you and how true the significance is.


For February lovelies, I've had it here for you :)


* Abstract thoughts

* Loves reality and abstract

* Intelligent and clever

* Changing personality

* Temperamental

* Quiet, shy and humble

* Low self esteem

* Honest and loyal

* Determined to reach goals

* Loves freedom

* Rebellious when restricted

* Loves aggressiveness

* Too sensitive and easily hurt

* Showing anger easily

* Dislike unnecessary things

* Loves making friends but rarely shows it

* Daring and stubborn

* Ambitious

* Realizing dreams and hopes

* Sharp

* Loves entertainment and leisure

* Romantic on the inside not outside

* Superstitious and ludicrous

* Spendthrift

* Learns to show emotions

Well of course such predictions can't be purfect details of which they must suit your real you; it applies on me too. The ones in pink, yeah they are me - they are so me. But others, unfortunately hadn't win the jackpot of my demeanour.

It's true I have a changing personality; I can be twain in just a sec. If you see me faking a McDonald smile on my face, next you can't expect me to laugh cause I might frown instead. Don't dare to expect cause I'm constantly changing.

Quiet, shy and humble.? no comment..haha. Guess I was one back in high time schooling years but it seems as if it doesn't apply to me anymore. I'm no shy now!

I don't think I'm that honest nor loyal to be classified as one but heck yeah I do carry some weight of loyalty and 10.5% honesty in friendship, as well as relationship. Having doubt.? Try me then. I can guarantee you gonna get positive result tho it's ain't fully satisfying. haha

I love aggressiveness. Yes I do, really. Sounds so wrong huh? hahaha. Keep that pervert mind away, got nothing to do with it. I prefer aggressiveness as in being aggressive in making decision and actions. Seriously at times I do make some quick bold decisions at the eleventh hour, without considering what people might say about it. It's the freedom I enjoy most - being able to be myself and defensive about what and why I choose to do some insane things.

Ok skip skip and comes spendthrift. The exact me. SOOOO ME!! really. If I have a failure I would never be able to rip off in my entire life, that will definitely got to do with money baby. I'm the worst banker, excellent spendthrift and major shopaholic. The feeling of spending bucks over and over is an extreme liberating =) It could turn my frown upside down that even a living thing couldn't be able to do it. *love baby bucks ^^

That's about it. Those are the most apparent signs of me but yeah I might look different from what I think I am in others' eyes. I might say I'm loathsome but then it's you who decide how to define me.

: for my readers, xoxo :


7 comments: said...

whoaaa! i'm gonna reveal myself! :D

: nako : said...

plis do so honey :)

aesthetic said...

ala...sme mcm kt fb je....=p

DoDu@HaHA said...

Now I have colour confusion syndrome.. I can't differentiate which is pink and which is........... another colour.. aaarrrgghh!!

: nako : said...

kema: laen, yang tu bm..hahaha

dodu: hooyeah.? baeklah saya akan tukar colour di atas. maaf kerana telah mencederakan mata anda. lol

aesthetic said...

haha..romantik ke???geli weh sero...hahahaha

muhammmad syazwan said...

org lahir bulan lapan adalh saya....try tengk pebenda dia ckp...hnshnshns....