Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Been busy dating my million dollar baby Shin Woo and J
eremy I almost forgot I've a blog to be fed. LOL. Will update (later) when I'm coming back from KB this sat okay.? :)

Today (I must...)

1. Meet my Korean short cake, Ainu and shall indulge one or two GSC burger! oh oh! :DD

2. Get myself a new haircut! Thinking of going all short and sassy this time or at least medium shag tired of having a long one I'm no less like a walking banshee. >.<"

3. Nasi Haikalllll!! omg omg a must outing with my other babes! (well lets keep this for thurs)

4. Baby tee spree with Ainu (she keeps complaining she doesn't have enough shirts since coming back from Korea, lets shop till you drop then! ^^)

5. Need a new pair of wedges don't wanna wear flip flops 24/7, do I?
(my fave one ripped off the day I went to Lata Belatan last week :X )

6. Go take my GCEO cert at Mrsm Pc! (main priority of coming over to kb so nako shall not
overlook this! LOL) Hmm, will keep this for thurs too since Nasi Haikal is in pc as well.

7. Meet up with Kak Rinn apple pie (no fixed date though will text her soon) to pick my boyfie jacket up (BIG fat YAYYYY!!) and wish to treat her nasi haikal as well!
(soo maybe thurs then :))

8. If anyone free (Ell, Shahril, Qis etc) and wanna hang out PLEASE DO TEXT ME I'll surely will make it up to you guys :DD

Okayy gotta turn in, less than 4 hours I'll be off to KB.

Night Shin Woo :DD

Jeremy, after drooling over you on You're Beautiful I now can easily tell which songs you sing without even seeing the titles! You, adorable! xxx

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kiwi said...

cettt..jmpe aini without me..huhu