Saturday, April 16, 2011


I think I misarranged my Easter album in facebook but nvm, let it stay as it is. Malas mau edit and reorganize haha. Suppose Royal Palace, Madame Tussauds and Sex Museum came in first before the Albert Cuypt Markt but who cares, there just pictures anyway. But I'll try to write the updates in order as it supposed to be okay? :)

Because we already booked the hotel for 7 nights half a month before we really planned what to do in Holland, we had no choice but to travel to and forth from Amsterdam city to Brussels. Mau cancel 1 or 2 bookings nanti kena extra charge pulak so terpaksa la. In short, we tried to plan our one week vacation in such a way that looks more or less like this:

Day 1: Arrival in Amsterdam. Check in.
Day 2: Amsterdam
Day 3: Amsterdam
Day 4: Bruxelles (Belgium)
Day 5: Keukenhof, Lisse
Day 6: Kinderjik, Rotterdam & Utretch
Day 7: Amsterdam. Shop for souvenirs.
Day 8: Leaving Amsterdam (9am) Check out.

Amsterdam City:

On day 2, we managed to cover most parts of the city via walking and trams. We bought unlimited OV chipcards for 72 hours in Schiphol and then nah, kami jalan sampai penat. Don't worry if you feel like a lost puppy in the Amsterdam city or don't have any idea where to go, there are tonnes of direction boards displayed and the transport system is easy to comprehend. The Dutch occasionally speak both Dutch language and fluent in English so you shouldn't have any problem communicating. Even if they don't, they will give their best to get the message crossed so you'll understand them. We had a little trouble to spot the Old Church when we were in Beginhof so I did ask a Dutch oldman which direction should we take. Despite the fact that he couldn't speak English that well, he didn't hesitate to help us and rather, he gave me some hand gestures and street lamps to follow instead. Like Britons, the Dutch are indeed friendly people. :)

Sight seeing and leisure walking.
Those canals make it this city looks much less like the Italy. You think?

Cycling is one of the main transportations here.
They say 'Do like a Dutch and rent a Bike'.
And because they were too many cyclers we almost got knocked down when crossing the roads.

Then we went to Dam Square where they have these Royal Palace, Madame Tussauds and Magna Plaza buildings. We didn't get into the Palace and Madame Tussauds though cause the entrance fee are frickin expensive. Good thing we don't fancy arts and museums that much so we just wandering around taking pictures. You shall find street dancers performing in front of the Royal Palace and people relaxing around the square; I think this place offers you the best shot of some gothic architectures and I kinda fancy them really :)

The small version of I Amsterdam.

One of the street dancers.
You are expected to give at least 1 euro after watching them.
Or else, they might call you bastards. hoho

The Magna Plaze - one of the finest buildings.
It's a mall but most stuffs are rather expensive. Put this as your sight seeing not shopping.

I wrote about the I Amsterdam letters in here, so baca la sniri macam malas mau tulis lagi hahaha. We planned to visit the so called heaven street of Red Light District where people can easily find prostitutes but twas 5pm (masih awal untuk bisnes bapak ayam LOL) so we went to Sex Museum instead. 4 euro per entry, you'll find the history of sex through ages in there. The best thing about Red Light District besides prostitution, is, you can get plenty access of halal food like easy gila. Kedai porn pastu kedai halal, kedai porn pastu kedai halal and more porns and halal shops. Nah, boleh makan sambil cuci mata =.="

You are expected not to take pictures in Red Light District so yeah no pictures for that haha. Nak tau pergi sniri.

Found this in the Sex Museum.
Lupa mau baca what's up with this arca.

Belakang tu Mata Hari, tapi bukan mata hari lagu Agnes Monica.

Before singgah ke Museumplein (where the big letters of I Amsterdam are) and Hard Rock cafe, we canal biked! A must do thing if you come to Holland, besides the legal weeds and the red light district of course. Untuk yang berkaki pendek macam saya you'll find cycling this is sorta tiring and it gives you effing backache the next morning when you wake up. Untuk orang macam Azil, tahniah you may find this relaxing. But be it exhausting or frightening or whatnots, YOU MUST DO CANAL BIKE WHEN YOU COME TO HOLLAND. Ada paham?

Canal Cruise untuk orang tua dan orang kaya so kalau rasa awak muda sila canal bike :D
More funn! Ramai orang tua naik cruise akan ambil gambar awak terkial-kial kayuh bot tauu, famous amoss! x

Always bike to the right. Macam driving di USA, sebelah kanan.
Kalau tak nanti eksiden dengan bot besar. Naya.

p/s: We didn't know there was a strike by GVB transport company from 10am to 2pm so kami pun tunggu la bus macam harem till 12pm. No buses, no trams and no subways. hoho. Suka nau strike dorang ni. Suruh si Usop bako dorang baru tauu. So kebetulan Arshad, Mike, Abe, Izzul & Matwal dah nak balik hari tu we took a shuttle to airport and jumpa dorang sana. The End.


Charo Summer said...

You know how to canal bike like a boss? YOU LEAN BACK ON THE CHAIR INSTEAD OF SITTING STRAIGHT! Hahahaha!

wankrai said... light district and then halal food restaurant!
a good way of 'cuci mata' ya?

canal bike..x sempat plak nk try...maybe in Venice...=)

: nako : said...

charo: I couldn't do that sebab kaki tak cecah pedal pun! toldya saya berkaki pendek. >____<

abe: hahahaha. agaknya mesti ramai pak arap makan situ. kami x g kedai sana pun, gross... hoo

Pokya said... gila travel Amsterdam. Kena kumpul duit ni nak pusing Europe :D
Hotel n train senang dapat tak kalau tak booking awal?

: nako : said...

pokya: ha kene g weh :) usualyy better book awal la, few days before g pon takpe sebab kalo hotel area airport and kat city mmg slalu penuh. Nak kalao time spring or summer break, rmai tourists.

Anonymous said...

I'll travel to Amsterdam soon! :)
I'm a latin muslin ;)

kisses, from Argentina.

i folow u now, i love r blog!