Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter trip 2011

I know I should be writing these anyway cause keeping it too long won't make it any better so here it goes, updates on my Easter vacation 2011 :)

Because twas 8 days altogether so I'll make it short and simple okay? Banyak laah mau story satu-satu awok pon konpem boring kann but I'll detail mana-mana parts best yang perlu yah :DD

06/04/11 - Day 1

Around 2.30pm gitu la kami sampai London Stansted. Itu pun terlepas coach dari Victoria station ke airport pasal bus Megabus lembap amat, tambah traffic jam lagi di highway. Plus, kami sesat cari bus stop mau tunggu coach so dengan hand luggage kami pusing jalan. I kinda hated London on that day cause twas effing scorching hot and crowded. Jalan sesak, orang ramai macam hape cuaca panas gila really I hated that part most. Thanks to London I had my headache for the entire day...

And oh did I mention anywhere I got issues with security people in London Stansted? I wasn't aware that I should present the liquid plastic bag along with other stuffs when we were lining up so masa tu kalut la mau bukak beg ambil plastic and time tu pulak la beg buat hal. I failed to open up the bloody bag! Damnit tiba-tiba code invalid. I tried all the nearest combination numbers in case tersalah kunci kan but none was accepted. Cis. Sumpah rase macam nak bako je beg tu. Knowing that I couldn't open the bag unless given I had pliers to break the lock I decided to just present the bag as it was. Konon-konon macam takde liquids. Haha bangang tak bangang mase tu. Sorta suicidal attempt kalo kantoi but lantak laah rosak dah kuku try bukak lock kejadah tu.

Lets cut the story short, so sah-sah la beg tu kene tahan. Heh. Guna modal zaman skolah buat muka innocent terkebil-kebil lalu explain la yang saya gagal bukak kunci beg and ada liquids dalam tu. But believe me Britons wouldn't buy such crap just like some Malaysians do. Apa lagi di airport. Within a minute 4 security officers came just for that bag. Seko-seko kasi muka macam aku ni bawak ganja. Ceh. No other option left but to cut the lock off and I had to let them. Sayu juga la hati ni tengok beg abah beli untuk mai UK kena godek sebegitu rupa huee. And they took my tuna, that was among my food stock I brought for breakkies in Holland. tssk.

I think Summer was right. Being in the airport really does make you feel homesick even it's a tiny bit. (Or was it cause my beg was harassed it made me felt sad?) I called home just after Erna and Azil left for some quick sandwiches and talked to Mom. Told her the whole incident and I almost cried. Well I did actually but guess I hid it well, she thought I was just happy :") We reached Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam at 5 and headed to Etap hotel for checking in. Told ya London gave me headache so we the girls spent the night resting in our room for the rest of the day.

In shuttle leaving Schiphol Airport to Etap.
If you ask me how massive the airport is, this is the biggest I've ever seen. so far.
and oh I found MAS! LOL

That's Etap :)
*vacation budget hoiii mane la dapat 5 stars hotel kann*

Hah ni dia bekalan makanan untuk 6 hari kat sini hahahaha!

p/s: I only realized they cut one of the apa tu zip eh? off so another one left stuck in the lock. Macam mana mau bukak beg kalau 1 zip je bukak kan? Bangang juga tu security punya orang ish. Thanks to akak cantek Etap yang bersusah payah bukak kan another one untuk saya. Guna sepasang gunting je tak perlu kecoh-kecoh LOL. I enjoyed their hospitality, such a friendly hotel we stayed in! x


Charo Summer said...

kannn homesick kannn????


kiwi said...

upload la gmbr byk2

: nako : said...

charo: eeii itu maggie erna and azil la, aku bawak ruski tauu. tu kat bawah tu haha.

dem yeah mmg bikin homesick :(

kema: uploading! hee :DD

erna said...

maggi ayam taksaket perot :p

: nako : said...

erna: alaaa. ruski jangan la makan pagi :DD