Wednesday, February 10, 2010

blasts in Feb

Had a blast with my wondergirls last weekend, tho it was JJ ;p but hey we did have fun kan.? minus the part Erna lost her new brought birthday pressie :( Kenny & Tooth Fairy weren't that bad after all. Oh baby Padini got SALE. everywhere on every items! Those who haven't got a chance, go get ur ass fast & grab one :) It's worth it i tellya! Bought one, but need more! tehee~
Guys the bowling match is still on ryte.? Lookin' forward for that ;)

Late supper :)

Tolak batu sama kayu ja. haha

Special thanks for my babes for the sweet burfday pressies; Una, Norma, Dayah, Izzul, Jamie, Phani, Wawa and the wishes. They made my day :) Time flies fast, so fast that I didn't even realize I've been living for 20 years on this Earth; 20 years been making troubles here & there for everyone around me. hahah. sorry yaw. Being big 20, isn't something that I'm really looking forward. Technically my teenage life is over; though I do believe that age doesn't make any difference. Wish could forget that yesterday I turned 20. Had a feeling that this gonna be a good year but the fact that greater age comes with greater responsibility, couldn't help much but to sigh. *haish*

Happy birthday to Feb lil Baby and Xuelin :)
Wishing u guys the best year ahead..xoxo

Pen off; some forty winks to do.


2 comments: said...

hepy belated besday! =D

: nako : said...

ehee, tenkiu sista! :)