Wednesday, February 17, 2010

when heart speaks.

It hurts more than it soothes.
It kills more than it heals.
It brings tears more than laughter.

it is unintended.

Tell me something you don't want me to hear.
Tell me something you don't ever want me to tell.
Tell me something that I really don't know.
Tell me something that you will never regret.
Speak the truth even your voice shakes.
Whisper the fact even your eye waters.
Don't worry,
I'll understand.

Sometimes we are so fairytale it makes people sick.
soo much fairytale we forget when and where to react.
to pinpoint who and what to see with the naked eyes.
if only we could be much more real.
wake up!

The past, it is done.
Move on.

20; let go of the parts of life that you really don't want.


DoDu@HaHA said...

haha... muhasabah ketika diri semakin berusia..
haha.. ;)

: nako : said...

ahaha..yup, sort of ;p

Shahril said...

"Tell me something that I really don't know"

aku suke yang nih...macam name blog aku..hua3..

: nako : said...

ahah la!
"something that you don't know"
hahaha :)