Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ngeh ngeh.

Sorry for the long silence.
ngeh ngeh ngeh ;p
let's update babeh!

Quite awhile not updating this blogger, i know i know. yaiks! being busy ;p Feeling a real excitement; tomorrow off to HOME. the three weeks I'd been exaggerating around, remember.? ^^
and the three weeks, frickin yeah are going to be perfectly awesome for all.

and cause it gonna be three weeks I've decided not to straight away leave college for home. Gonna drop my arse in kb fers for 2 3 days..tehee. Meet up with deary Hasyimah Mahyuddin, Akbar Max Fathi, Fathiah Athirah and of course Mohamad Khairul Amer Mohd Khari :))

Comes Sunday the SBE thing will start; I'll be observing SMK Manir --- my youngest sis's school. and her warning was more or less sounded this way, "SMK Manir.? *laugh. Observing which form.? *more scornful laugh. Don't worry they will make you feel stupid and look like an idiot. Be prepared." She went upstairs giggling as if she had seen the picture how am I gonna be humiliated. eheh. But we are not assigned to teach; we are there to observe and complete the report. But the not-so-cool part is that I'll be doing it alone. an alien school that I've never attend to, neither have I ever stepped in . hmmm. Ok move on.

Downside part is that the three weeks hols are supposed to be spent effective-ly which I really doubt how am I gonna do that when I'm in a place called home. Got the long list of assignments, homework and revisions as personal reminder from lectures but haven't figure out the way on how to force my will to start. Plus no peeps around to spank me, and sistas are just bad ideas; they won't help you out with the piles of works. Instead, making you spend more hours outside for malls and outings. But again I shouldn't be 24/7 dependent pathetic organism, should I? Friends are indeed catalysts but they can't always be around. It's time for an extra self effort cause sometimes when they are nothing else to burn you up, you just have to set yourself on fire. Hoo-yeah.

As for the H friends and juniors, good luck with your sukantara all sort of things. Too bad all the 52 aces are sent back home on the sport day, if not, it could have been an inspiring awe event ever in our college. LOL.
Well, good luck with that.
Might be a pretty early wish but all the best for the tesl juniors for your upcoming mock exam. You guys gonna do well I assure. and to my B.Ed tesl comrades, wish you fun with the SBE fever and forget not the homework ;p I'll be missing you and you and you till we shall meet again in end of march.

p/s: Good luck to seniors for your MNight; have a feeling it gonna be a blast! :)



Emmet Muhamad said...

weyh,kim salam kat amer khari

: nako : said...

oh haha. bereh bos :)

ellisa said...

haha.. amer khari huh? ;p

: nako : said...

*wink ^^

Anonymous said...

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