Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birmingham with them girls.

Sushi trip to Birm with house mates, Along and Kak Yati, last Thursday. At last, we had someone dear from Malaysia to celebrate the Easter break with us. :) Nothing fancy I'm just gonna share some snapshots and let them all do the talking! xxx

 (I think I'm starting to like using X-Large pictures for my blogspot really.)

Kak Yati (middle) in her Chloe's model pose. LOL

If it weren't Along asking, I didn't know Woktastic has non alcoholic sweet soy sauce really. 

 16 plates: Probably the biggest self achievement in life ever.

Miso-soup-trick: Eat the salmon slices and throw the rest of the rice chunks into the soup. It works! :3

Sony focal lens was throwing tantrums the whole day I almost banged the whole body on wall -_-'

Lightroom 4 experimentation. With Along as the model. 


Another trash. *delete*

Us :) 

Photowalking around Birm after hours spent at Woktastic. Kasi can tourists camwhore pula :)

But still, these three vainpots...

Victoria Square, Birmingham.

 Rainy and sunny evening within an hour. Subhanallah :)

Birmingham Cathedral. 

p/s: Wishing you two a safe & sound journey home and thanks for everything! :D


syahmi said...

nice photos nak!

: nako : said...

thank youu, tok! learning, still! :)