Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love sent from home II

After the looong wait, finally my parcel's heyyahhh! *shuffles* I'm freakin amped up Mak and Abah sent me some Ruski and Maggie Tomyam stock along with peppers and Milooo. And oh, lots and lotss of bawal printed & jubah tagged along too! :D

The post person left my parcel at 115 and I had to make errands to the house almost every 30mins just because I couldn't wait for them to get back home. 

This. Hahah. Keropok ikan paling epic macam time di Ipoh dulu :)

Konon mau buat cek mek molek sebab happy...

Thank youu soo much Mak and Abah! And Dikda too for helping Dad buying those stuffs and choosing the best Carera pens for my final exam hahaa. I know you didn't keep your promise you made when we were on Skype earlier, but I won't mind this time around lol. 

5 pens sent all the way from Malaysia, tu kalau pemalas nak study lagi tak tahu la nak cakap apa T_T
Okay it's already half past midnight can't wait nak call Abah :DD



kiwi said...

haha sana x de carera pen ke?? ^__^

: nako : said...

ada je pen biase tapi saje buat gedik nak pakai carera pustaka seri intan KT hehe