Friday, April 6, 2012

Up to no good.

It's been weeks so hi to the fives back. The 'One Day One Cake' campaign's still on but that one shall come later, the updates.

I don't really have much to say tonight but it's just that I somehow feel that I sort of lagging behind stuffs and am totally up to no good for the past few weeks. The ultimate laziness of living a sluggish life...blurghh, sure I'm a total loser. Besides Running Man and dramas and Gossip Girl eps, I see no improvements in writing and reading, what more in speaking... -____-"

Anyways, I still owe you some snapshots taken in last Feb and March. I'll start with the previous Warwick MNight 2012.

Warwick Malaysian Night 2012

Abe Fawkes - the guy who sold Roti Jala John.

Anggalang Mangunatip comrades.

During final rehearsal at Avon Reception.

6 hours before the event started.

Rui Zhe's sexayy squint.

An hour before performing.

Epic Performance - The Bamboo Dance.

The Play.

The Audience.

The Guests.


The Lovebirds. :D

Special thanks to my two pumpkins Nik Idzni Dalila and Farhana Norazman for coming all the way from London and Sheffield just to give me their moral supports for the big event! :D And of course, to my wicked choreographer ever, Charo Sani Nordin and awesome team mates of the year, Rui Zhe, Menix, Kokdin, Acap, Ernie, Fira, Ecah and the bamboo holders, it's always been a pleasure to work with you guys. Lookin forward for a bigger event next year! :)

p/s: Thanks Erna Ramli for picking Ana up at the train station on my behalf! lol.

Spring pictures shall be uploaded in the next entry!

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