Thursday, August 19, 2010

pumped up!

Happy Thurs lovelies, how's fasting month been going on so far? ;)
Freakin awesome hopefully, mine yesterday wasn't that good. Food poisoning had a pre diarrhea (oh what a package =.=") damn I almost died. Lucky I didn't huh? haha. Moral people, don't simply buy bubur lambuk at bazaar tho they seems effing delicious (appearance is forever deceptive mind you) even if you're dying for one, ask Mom to cook for you (or cook it by yourself?) that's way lot better I suppose. After all, Mom's cooks are always the world's no. 1 best bites! ^^

Lets get back to business people. (supposedly to define why the heck I'm freakingly pumped up! LOL) First on my hyped list, VISA IS READY FOR COLLECTION big fat yayyy! ;DD Ohh finally finally. Alhamdulillah He eases everything including my friends' so hopefully by Friday I'll pick it up at Wisma MCA along with Azil, Una, Erna and Nancy. Guessing there'll be more than just 5 of us cause we planned to collect the bloody visa (it costs thousand yeah wtf) together-gether. I'm expecting few familiar faces like Shahril the Talei, Amnie the Nini, Summer the Charo, Abe the Syazwan and so forth (sapa-sapa mau join silaa welcome welcome yaa). and deluder VFS sent me ZERO sms notification upon the day my visa was ready for collection (we paid 8bucks yet they didn't keep promises?) so guess that's the way modern people gain profit huh? =.="

Next, parcels ready for mailing! ;D Well supposedly dad and I went to hunt tempoyak for Summer's mom (she's been craving for it) at Pasar Payang but since I had that all-fired stomachache dad went alone instead. Sorry Abah that wasn't an excuse for extra sleeping, I meant it the pain was just erghh. :"( Also, parcel for big sis in JB is on the go! Both, I shall mail them this morning before leaving for Seremban at night, again. haha

Haven't buy raya cards? Well go grabs some!! tehee XD. Who says it's too early for some raya excitement-ness? In fact you'd better send them early (avoiding mailing congestion, it happens ever year righttt) for they might gonna take awhile before arriving in your addressees' mailboxes. I've bought mine, 5 packets in all ohh I'm soo hella excited it's been awhile I haven't send one since last 3 years. Lets do some math; 5 years fasting at boarding schools ++ another 2 years at maktab = no card raya sent or received yeah what to do I was such an unpopular teen :S I know people get pumped up receiving raya cards much moreee than receiving 10cent sms (with pantun raya inside..worst if you get similar pantun every year) so this 2010 I've decided to send few raya cards to friends and relatives. ;)) Lets get back to basic like we were all lil kids we sent cards with coins glued it in and wrote wishes like sory awak kalau saya ada buat salah halalkan makan minum saya sepanjang kita berkawan raya nanti datang lah rumah LOL ain't that exciting? ^^ I miss writing all that and this year, I got a long list of people waiting for my cards XD

It's not just a card, it's the thought that counts ;))

Excitement is always about entertainment and funss so here it goes. Kak Sha recommended us Cinderella theater at Belgrade Theater and I kinda fall for it. Maybe cause it's our first time (EVERRRR) watching theater in UK (macam jakun okayy sila la gelak tehee) and I'm really keen to watch it, seriously. But we're yet to have UK accounts so I just browsed through the links (hiba + sayu) hoping that the tickets will be still avaibale by the time we open up our own banking accounts there **sobbs.

Story is yet to be ended.

Continue reading.?

But puff magic happens and we were told that we could inform the admin to book the tickets! HOORAYYY. So cepat-cepat emailed them, chose the seats blah blaaah (seronok tak hengat!) and constructed a whole paragraph of ayat kesian + puji + ampu segala bagai hopefully they fall for it and accept our reservation. haha. But UK people tak makan ampu I suppose? :XX
Nevermind laah lets just wait for their reply and see what they have gotta say.
(suddenly scene in movies hits me when employee asks for extra pay the boss says, "Humour me with poll dance u'll get what u want." ) It's soo not gonna happen to me, ain't it? :OO

Damn it's already 4.23am. Mom's already preparing sahur downstairs and I'm not even feel sleepy at all it must be from bitter tea and nescafe I had couple of hours ago. Gonna snooze all day long (that's what dugong like me often do) so do expect my risee & shineee tweet after 1 or 2pm LOL. Btw, I'll be leaving for Seremban - KL till next week so do miss me till I come back okayy? :)


p/s: sorry Tumblr I'll get back to you real soon don't get mad you've been ignored :((