Saturday, August 7, 2010

visa and comrades :)

Hi folks!

Yeayy August 10th is just around the corner, can't wait to see my comrades and wondergirls! :))
It's a pretty big day though, have to attend visa appointment at Wisma MCA and meet up Mr E and Ms Jen there. So tomorrow I'll be leaving for Seremban, and on 10th for KL before coming back to hometown for Ramadhan on the following day. Hoorey mahu puasa suda! :DD

It's been months (seems like agesss) and I couldn't wait any longer damn I miss my comrades soo much! Those wonderful people, oh I miss their laughter and silly jokes it's just gonna be awesome to meet up again. (though in our formal baju kurung and tie and kemeja and what not. LOL) So fellas, we have little celebration to attend to and to my babes, be ready for hang outs and fooding spree! (next day puasa so jom makan banyak on that day!) tehee.

**Damn got myself a wrong sized visa pictures (70mm X 50mm : sumpah besar da bole buat potrait =.=") so gotta have real ones tmrw! I made 5 copies and have plenty of extra passport pictures so sapa-sapa mau kumpul album minta la saya sure kasi. bwahaha!

And oh devil sister came home last night; we spent the whole day watching her fave SuJu Fullhouse (5th time for record ;p) and hang out fooding and laughing over how silly we can get when trying to bargain Roxy flip flops. Hell we were so full we ate almost everything from GCB burger to KFC's new shrimp anchovies I almost threw up when they dared me to stomach another Mexican bun when I lost the stupid game she invented with.
Sisters, thanks. I had so much fun when you two are around :") They promised me watching Shrek tonight but ended up snoozing on bed now. Tired eating huh? LOL

Now that I only left with several months at home I come to think how life's gonna be when October comes :S I don't remember seeing tears on the day my seniors left for warwick but I suppose it'd be hard for me too.



DoDu@HaHA said...

pssst:- *ada yang nangis.. orang panggil dia panjang~

: nako : said...

oh ya kaa?? LOL
guess me too then. haha.

erna bt. ramli said...

rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuu nakkkkkkkkkkk jumpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...:D

: nako : said...

rinduuuuu jugaaakkkkk!! ^^

Anonymous said...

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