Thursday, June 17, 2010

new tag by aten :DD

Ouh a pretty boring Thursday, god lord I woke up early and ended up didn't know what else to do rather than tumblr-walking and reading back all my previous posts in blogger. And heck there's a construction in making nearby I just couldn't stand the noice! >.<" the reason why I hafta wake up early I suppose. The sound machines bothers me really. ergh. Enough said.
and now I'm writing up my tag by darla aten :)

Do you think you're hot?

Oh I might need a multiple choice for this ques. haha. Don't think I'm one though, I don't have any booty butt nor own stocky legs :s and not either flawless. but I think I could be one in a way if I just had my new haircut or go wet splashing water with ma gurls. or perhaps looking absolute nerdy reading mags in pyjama with soaking wet hair on Saturday's night :DD

Upload wallpaper you're currently using now:

Little story behind your wallpaper:

Taken few months ago around 6.45pm before coming back to maktab, I was playing around with my cam and snapped this! :) Ain't they cute? tehee. Yay yay meet my two adorable cats, Comel and Mr. Bell. The white one is Bell for sure, Comel's son. I know he looks more like a hubby to her mom, look at his size XD

Know why me likey this pixel? It keeps me smiling whenever seeing this ;)

Your last time indulging pizza:

On may 27th, 'twas a class pizza outing for the foundation years. Had fun stomached the cheezy crunch bits, spaghetti bolognaise meatball and my all time fave ---> Fuji cake! Yay! The best of all, 'twas Ms Tj's treat so we were all like, "eat while you can people!" haha

*Sory gedik jua nak taruk pixels.

The last song you listen to:

Angel by Atilia :)

What you're up to besides completing this tag?

Headbanging together with songs, is worrying about something, while lips nagging about hot weather. and the noisy machines.

Besides your real name, people call you as?

Nako, Nakayo, Nurul, Kak Nurul, Uyu, bulat, bola and so forth.
cikgu included >.<"

Tag 5 people :)

Charo Summer
Dodu Hebat
Kema Kiwi
Erna Ramli

Who's No. 1 to you?

One of my backbones I always go crazy with. together with Nancy, Bambam, Una and my wonder girls they make up a perfect rainbow palette for my life. This Summer, I always admire her independency. Throw her anywhere I bet she could stay survive. lol

Hey bila la kaw maw bawak bontot datang sini hah? bwahaha

Say something to No. 5:

Hey cha why la being so silent over this hols? Busy dating eh? tehee I know you rarely online, and blogging but still I wanna tag you here, so take time to repay me okayh :DD

No. 3 is having a relationship with?

Haaa. Sapa weh sapa? Honestly I don't know the answer, maybe he has his own that he'd prefer to keep it to himself ;p Well perhaps he has not officially engaged to any sorts of relationships but maybe he has someone who's dear to his heart? hahaha *sukati ja buat konklusi.

What about No. 2?

What about No. 2? haha. Gosh I might need the whole entry for him. He's indescribable in just than 2 3 words. Tak gitu cik cheryll? ;p Full of life, playful and good buddy --- that are all his.

Eh did I just describe him in 3 words in a row? LOL

Facts about people you've tagged:

Summer = total insanity, she's my man

Shahrilniza = most probably you'd forget your miseries when he's around, kerempeng

Dodu Hebat = he's not a terrorist, char kuey teaw freak

Kema Kiwi = bff now, then & forever, she'd lose betting with me if it's coffee

Erna Ramli = how I wish I could cut her stocky legs off. then we're equal eh Erna? haha

ttfn :)


kiwi said...

yela..sbb ak bkn coffee freak cm ko..haha...nk hbes 1 gelas pn merayap...

Din Hilmi said...

wallpaper yg menakutkan.. >.<""

: nako : said...

kema: haha coffee best larh :)

din: der kuceng je kowt. hahaha

Shahril said...

waa..aku dah bwat le yang nih..

Emmet Muhamad said...

hai cikgu, keh keh keh

: nako : said...

shahril: haha takpe takpe :)

emmet: oi nak kena denda berdiri kaki sebelah ka?? ;p

.aten.gani. said...

haha.cepatnya!! tq :)

.aten.gani. said...

haha.cepatnya!! tq :)

: nako : said...

teheee puah dok dumoh sebab tu la buat tag ni yang :DD

DoDu@HaHA said...

deyyyuummm~ hahaha.. kena tag... pas2 dapat label kueytiaow freak~(tapi memang pown! Koeytiaow goreng 3!! tamao sayur!)

Charo Summer said...

woihhh! bontot aku kosong la.. tngu ada plop plop baru pigui sana la.. hahaha!thanks for tagging. nanti la aku buat.. tgh bermalas2 antam movies ja. you can throw me anywhere you want as long as my pocket got money ha.. hahah! happy holidays!

: nako : said...

dodu: haha lupa taruk kuey teaw takdak sayur XD

summer: bila la plop plop kaw then? eh eh btw aku suda tgk karate *or kung fu* kid. bwahaha!
jgn tnya mana aku tgk, janji aku dah tgk!! ^^

fadhillahbakren said...

nako, nak this tag?hahaha..gila menyebok. what to do, dah habis exams, and sape suruh menarik sangat this tag thingy.


: nako : said...

kak dell: wokayh, bole ja. saya up jadi 6 org :))

sofia mazlan said...

comel kuceng tuu! suke suke

: nako : said...

tehee XD
kiut kan? ^^

but bila masam memang x kiut dah!