Friday, June 25, 2010

what makes u think believing is assuring?


Just believing is ain't enough, table can be turned against you.
Cause in every belief in, there's somehow somewhat always, an inescapable lie.

*see the lie in between?


fadhillahbakren said...

yes i saw it, even at the very first moment i read it.there's a story behind it, it seems. Tell me bout it?*tetibe menyebok*

: nako : said...

haha me pulak baru terperasan there's a lie in between.
discovered *ala-ala sci discovery* and trus buat ayat emo gini. bwahaha!
hey hey rindu awak lah :S

fadhillahbakren said...

oh oh miss u too gadis bola ;p
baiklah jap lagi i update blg k?*tetibe*

: nako : said...

yay! okayh sila la hapdet nanti abes bola saya bace :))