Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3rd day.

Truly sorry I haven't updated my blog for ages though I promised you so, been busy exploring my bearings that I often went back late at night.
Tiredness, hope I could write more soon.

Met up with Peter, Mukul and Seongsook at 2pm, Tinie and I were lost like fuckkk first class suda lambat? =.=" and went to student union opened up my bank accounts, Llyods. Finally.
Next I followed the guys to Tocil (cause we planned to get some stuff in Tesco) but ended up stopping by at Freeburn Causeway instead, the guys's place. Damn guys you called that near my shoes were all tore off otw back to uni? :OO I might lose my feet walking if it's in summer. and oh we cooked dinner together!! That's the best part of it :)) Hazim was fasting so we cooked chicken soup and ayam masak kicap i was helping on cutting part. Eff that guy he's a real good cook I gotta learn lots from him. Whole loadssss.

Dang I'm too exhausted to continue writing guess I just shall continue this later some other time. Sorry really :(

p/s: Had a nice chat with Chu Young, Natiyaa, Maria and George (flatmates) we planned to cook dinner together and have an outing tomorrow at 2pm :)) Love you mates! ;DD


Fatin Aliyya said...

wow,u are enjoying urselves there. i'll pray that everything will be fine and easy for u dear.:)

luv u 2.keep on updating ur latest news n activities there!>_<

rOse thiRa said...

take care <3