Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my zeta geeks.

Oh it's been more than a fortnight I'm here but I haven't introduce you my flatmates, have I? :O Sorry, my badd really. Shall get it done today, right now in here in this entry ;)

Living in International House, Rootes Residences which consists of 2 floors and I'm at the second one; top floor ;D Roughly I have 12 flatmates coming from different places & countries and though it takes me awhile to remember all those 12 faces but at least I know their names tehee see I'm not that bad at remembering LOL

So first on the list is of course, my Korean babe; Chu Young.

Name: Ju Young Shin
Hometown: Busan, Korea
Course: Politics
Room: I 301

No. 2; Natifa
Name: Natifa Jasiya Lowman
Hometown: Trinidade, Carribean
Course: Law
Room: I 302

No. 3: Maria

Name: Maria (Sharapova? LOL)
Hometown: Russia
Course: Unsure
Room: I 303

No.4: Nicole

Name: Nicole Close
Hometown: Bristol, England
Course: Language; German + Spanish
Room: I 304

No. 5: Charlotte

Name: Charlotte Thomas
Hometown: Canada
Course: English Literature

No. 6: Josh

Name: Josh Goulding (bubbly kitchen rep LOL)
Hometown: Birmingham, England
Course: Art Studies

No. 7: Thad

Name: Thaddeus Oh
Hometown: Singapore
Course: Engine

No. 8: Tom

Name: Tom Jin
Hometown: Ipswich, England
Course: Not sure.

No. 9: Carl

Name: Carl Oscar Thoen
Hometown: Not sure
Course: Bsc Management

No. 10: Simon

Name: Simon. hihi
Hometown: German
Course: Not sure but we share a good companion with one another :)

There're another 2 guys; one is doing BA in English from China, another is taking Economics they remain unknown I hardly see them in kitchen that much. Isn't my fault for not knowing them rightt.?

  • Josh loves cucur adabi ikan bilis and knows how to write jawi. Awesome kan? ;D
  • Charlotte hearts dresses she has whole loads of vintage collection! Loves baking too :)
  • I envy Nicole's stocky legs she's lean tall!
  • Tom reminds me of Ma Vin :O
  • Carl is a sweetheart he's a reading person and a gentleman *winkwink
  • Thad does sports and jog almost everyday (regardless the cold weather!) that answers his dang sexy abs muehee!
  • George's the oldest but the cutest when he speaks LOL

I know for sure you wanna see their faces but too bad I don't have em in here really. We snapped pixels using Carl's mobile when we had lunchy last Thurs shall get em from him later okay.


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