Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby buckssss I need ya!

I think I had a mood swing the day before, or maybe cause I've been feeling unwell lately caught by flu and bleeding nose but everything was fine until CAL lunch yesterday. Well I defined it breakkie back in Malaysia if wholesome breads and snacks were the meals (we Malaysians eat hella lots LOL) but now that we're in here, guess bigger eaters like me hafta take considerations out of everything. Met ERT post graduates students from China and lecturers though, twas a nice lil party we had. Ayee that's Cryfield Pavillion's sorta far away some got lost into Hurst and Cryfield residences but twas worth wakling, I like its view dang its superbly nice! You gotta see it
yourself!! ;DD

Later after lunchy I went out to city centre with Sarah, Dayah, Priya and the guys. Baby bucks are running low I need some cash for my French classes and hall instalments. So we went to few foreign exchanges, cashed in our 4600euro cheques (rich lil Brit huh?) and headed straight to Llyods to pay in the money. I just opened my account the day before so I wasn't so sure mine has been activated. Fortunate enough my account's available so I just hafta pay in and yeah knock knock on my silly head I didn't ask for double envelopes earlier at the foreign exhange that I didn't prepare how much I wanna pay in. Twas sorta troublesome to start counting those pounds again in front of the teller so I just payed in all. ALL. =.=" French classes and hall
instalmets and for fooding? Damn I hafta wait for my debit card, which is apparently I don't know when :( (They said it takes up to a week for a card to arrive but it could be any later than that, no? :X) Gah Ruski I need you.

Went back from city centre we cooked dinner at Arshad's place, chicken curry, fried veges and some rice! SEDAP. haha. I don't have such skills to cook so I shall just admire others but no worries, I'm learning though ;P They had this pyjamas party last night in Rootes L where beers were like a pouring rain from upstairs and we had to had dinner in our own room. Safer and away from those noises. It's Rootes anyway, what else I have to expect.? LOL

Enough said I shall tell you more bout today's diary then. *winkwink.

Woke up sorta late, online and it's a pretty cold morning with heater isn't functioning. Great huh I had to dip my fingers in tepid water to reduce the numbness >.<" Just about to make some breakkie in kitchen and boiled water there goes the bloodey fire drill. We had one today. Oh we were soo having one. Eff. Left everything and rushed down outside my hall with look-at-me-I-haven't-brush-my-teeth-yet face. Didn't dare to even say Hi, afraid they'll die suffocated and freeze bwahaha. Others who had classes at 11am they couldn't do much but to curse the bloody fire alarm to shut off but somehow that took about 35mins before we could go in and continued our stuffs, me preparing my toasted bread with hot mild nescafe. Guess we need moreee chanted curses next time when having a next fire drill fuck doesn't seem to work that much. LOL

I'm having my breakkie while am writing this and shall have an IT session at 2pm. Will be dropping by at Copper Room and join few clubs & societies, I haven't join any since I arrived here haha baddd nakoo. Others like have joined 3 to 4 each oh well I hafta participate some moree it's once in a lifetime being here, no? :) Utilize it to the fullest! Yeay ;DD

That's about it.
Lets do some peeping, shall we? tehee

Finding Cryfields Pavillion, thanks Nazrin for the direction :)

This's Robert living in Hurst, we got lost finding it and he helped us out. Nice friendly guy, he's from England itself. But this one, I didn't expect he would pose this way takin picture :O (I was effing gobsmacked....)

CAL Party Lunch at Cryfield Pavillion. Awesome scenery ain't it? ;DD

Shawls are easily available here no worries (just that Malaysia's are nicer)

They shopped, I didn't. Cash were all paid in :(

Mahuuuuuuuuuuu! :"(

Going back to uni.

ttfn! ;D


kiwi said...

uit..bestnye..cntik sweater..hehe

: nako : said...

haha mau kaa?
nanti balik aku belikan ;p