Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm having a splendid weekend by not going anywhere doing anything and I found it awesome really :) Now it's 1.57am and am not feeling sleepy at all waiting for my flatmates to shooh out from kitchen I gotta blend some chilies for tomorrow's picnic. First attempt in making nasi lemak and I'd prefer doing it alone cause I can't stand stares and critics from anyone it'll just loosen up my confidence LOL. Well, that's the thrill of experimenting though; you never know what you'll get until you try it out.

I called home just now it's 9am in Malaysia. Talked to Mom & Dad, sisters off to school & college oh I'm missing Sunday at home terribbly. Lately homesickness's just went wild I can't really figure out why exactly it happens. Emotion? Stress out? Can't cook? Oh I don't know really I just hate 7 hours time difference :(

Freeze time freeze I hate Monday. blergh.

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