Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Au revoir!

Dear Mom & Dad,

Did your daughter keep yelling to the drywall she said she don't bother to do the counting over and over that it made you both nagged? Well the truth is, she lied. Less than 68hours from now she knows she'll be waking up to see the other side of world; miles away from where she woke up to see the birdies fly away today, miles away from you two the persons she'll be most missed. She said she's afraid. Cause she believes that countdown isn't always come with excitement, this time, it hurts.

She knows that time ticking off way too fast the world's being so unfair. She's afraid. Late at night when everybody's sleeping she'd wake up just to see the light crept in through her room inside the darkness. She would miss the spinning fan above her lying head and the pillow she cuddled in. She stared at her sista, sleeping soo soundly as if she wishes she would never disappear on the next morning. But then she fell asleep, and the next day she would be totally freaked out as the day's getting shorter than ever, lesser and lesser. She sighed and lazily dragged herself to hit her morning shower.

2 days ago she went rebellious and refused to do the prepping. She made fuses after one another and wanted new mp3. Dad got her one. Oh how trouble she is, this kid. She didn't really meant it she was just fighting with her own crumbled emotions, that she-is-soo-not-ready-to-go kind of game. She was sorry and truly guilty, she would leave the mp3 to her sista. Mom's nags after nags finally worked out, but only 38hours after her estrogen swirls. She finally packed up, with a little heart inside.

Last night she was kidnapped for a farewell dinner by Cenna's family and relatives. She already knew that some couldn't make it to KLIA due to some inevitable business and that doesn't matter really but this little yet meaningful fare-ya-well outing.? Awhh, she was touched. :") Indeed. Everybody's being nice to her, that what makes parting even harder. Again, she fears she couldn't hold back her tears any longer.

Your daughter is afraid for she's fragile and easily gives things up. At times she's weakling brat and wishes upon only what ifs. She never made this far, it's tough, but she swears she'll make it through, though if it's bits by bits. She told me how she hates October to come and the world to spin. But deep down she knows how much she wanted this it has been her dream, for ages. Pursuing dreams for better future needs a little sacrifice, no? and parting is just an ounce out of everything :')

Serj Meow.

Mom & Dad, I know I'll make this through. 3years and 7hours difference aren't the barriers. Thanks for everything, I'll treasure my every moment with lovess. ILYSM! <3>

2 more days, au revoir home sweet home!


sofia mazlan said...

bye-bye!! havva safe journey.
tangkap gambar byk-byk kat sane and upload :D

: nako : said...

thanks dear, will do will do!haha
u take care kay? :)

Din Hilmi said...

U can go through and live with it.. Have a safe journey, take care and all the best.. Dont forget me here ya.. :)

Fatin Aliyya said...

huhu so touching baca neyh

huhu even berjauhn x smp smeint pun dh sdh apath lg bertahun2...
dear, make ur parents proud of u

take care beb

have a safe journey!

: nako : said...

din: thanks buddy! u'll see me in klia, no? LOL

aten: much thanks dear, your time will come so soon ;p i think what makes thing harder is the parting, once im there surely i'll be okay :))
tc babe,xxx