Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Jalur Gemilang was defiled?

"Kerajaan Malaysia dituduh menghina lagu kebangsaan Indonesia, menceroboh sempadan, menghakmilikkan budaya Indonesia dan tidak menjaga kebajikan serta keselamatan pekerja Indonesia" - BT, September 2nd, 2010

These bunch of blockheads, they'll never learn, will they? Or at least to understand what's more important between getting paid as low as MYR 15 per head and taking a step back for not making things becoming worst. If money is all that matters, will that defines why these dimwits would opt to fired up Jalur Gemilang, hurled rotten eggs and salted fish into our embassy in Jakarta? Or are they hating us that much they can't bear to see Malaysians in their country?

They haven't been taught on how to be grateful to people, how to appreciate one another I must say. When people don't have knowledge and getting zero educational background they'll end up doing such craps; licking all rubbish thrown by the third party who seeks advantages in between. Ahh dirty political propaganda & lamebrains' stupidity, what a perfect palette for a country. Duhh.

In case you don't know or having a thought that trying to understand our country is somehow bothersome, FYI here in Malaysia we do have protection to your workers as in SOCSO, Workmen's Compensation and Acts so stop throwing silly tantrums accusing us for not taking a good care of your workers you moron.


"All the efforts poured, and what you had in return was only some spat on your face" - Khairul Anwar

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