Thursday, September 2, 2010


Have time been flying that fast these days dang it's September already and I didn't even realized August had just ended (yala kan baru lepas Independence Day semalam punya semalam). Yeah high five missy September and fare-ya-well hunky August; it had been a hummy month, indeed. I learnt a lot, traveled a lot, and spent whole lot =.=" (can't handle money it's flowing like rapid water ergh.)

Raya excitement-ness? Oh well, almost donee preparing everything! tehee. Kebaya, checked! Heels, checked! Brooches, checked! Tudung, check checked! hihi. Waiting for devil sister to come home, and eldest one with beloved nephew then everything would just be purrfect Aidlifitri :) House & furniture everything were taken care of while I was away. It took me by surprise going home seeing new wallpapers, sofas & tables. Like eff we're relocating this fast? LOL. Big bro's engagement is on Oct, so perhaps Dad wanna renew everything before last Eid :"(

Raya cards were all already sent! ^^ Except for one lil cute Ana she demanded the singing one, tried to hunt it down but to no avail (they didn't sale them much these days they're kinda out dated T_T) so I opted for glitter A4 sized card with free CD in it. (modern sudaa =.=") Yet, I still think the music one is cuter though. kan?

Shopping before departure? Urm clothing naay not really gonna buy whole bulk of sweaters nor sneakers. Will only get myself the eeny meeny items like specs, contacts, medications, adapters etc, excluded the winter wears. My yellow sweater and polka dot brogue will do wonderss I think, need no new ones. (berjimat cermat itu harus!)

Right now that enrolment thingy is really getting on my nerves. First, effing snailed connection I hafta keep on refresh to see the proceed button (no compromise it's annoying mind you) and secondly, how I wish short forms (abbreviations, acronyms) were never invented by grammarians oh they have HESA, GTTR etc like they're simply made to confuse novice people. So here it is, white flag for filling form tonight, I surrender. Later perhaps.

footnote: are we destined to text only when Eid's coming Azim? haha. Like the prev Eids on 2007 & 2008. It soo happened again today LOL.


Shahril said...

engko..aku xdapat kad raye aku xnak kawan ngan ko kat uk..

Fatin Aliyya said...

oh dear u will be leaving soon.sedihnyer.bila lg nk jmp?last dkt elc camp tue.paperpon dear, i wsih u all d best kt sn...

celebrate n enjoy ur lat eid dkt msiant 3 years x dpt mkn sodap2.hehe.:0

take care.wil be missing u like crazy.sayang nakiah!

: nako : said...

shahril: oihh aku da hantau lee. ngan surat cinta lg. tunggu la posto puasa maybe lmbat sket kot sampai haha.

aten: awwh much thanks deary will be missing u! :)) serunding, satay, kuah kacang hoho kena makan puas2 this raya. thanksss love, u too tc tau!xxx