Monday, September 20, 2010

is this REAL?

Poke me hard, would you? :(

Less than a fortnight, I might not be waking up seeing my sister's snoozing next to me, might not be able to breathe my mom's best coffee early the morning, might not be able to cuddle and lull my Cenna to sleep. Less than a fortnight, everything's just shall be, NEW.


Time flies so fast I couldn't even breathe a moment. What more to capture one. Friends are leaving for uni and cousins are off for study. They are mucho much missed oh I don't know when we gonna meet up again. Sent Kema to bus station tonight she gotta run back to Skudai and yesterday sweet cuzzy to Penang. The day before devil sista to college. Like birdies leaving their nests in summer, guess now I know how the lonely motha bird feels seeing chirpies flying away.

It's soon. I found it too soon. Packing (still) undone with shopping more to come. With this lil time ticking off how I wish I shan't be bothered by things to buy and what not to carry cause things are way much different from what they seem back then. Used to long for Madame Tussauds in London and dancing Guinguette next to Eiffel but they are never the best as being home. It's where the heart belongs.

1 to 10, 3 is my packing progression. I keep thinking it's never too late to wait for another last week cause procrastination has been always the bestie and reluctance clings I just can't help it. Bought myself some stationaries hope they'll get me some coventry-might-work-as-second-home mood. >.<

This can't be real, can it? X(


Shahril said...

rase hilang mood nk fly lepas bace post ko..
haram ko nako!!!!

kiwi said...

ak dh smpai skudai da pn..hehe..thnks 4 kueh raye

Din Hilmi said...

lost another friend.. ~sighh

: nako : said...

shahril: ko nak pegi ke weh?? xyah laaa..haha

kema: cun! nanti dtg lagi even aku xda rumah tauu :)

din: tsk tskk. pay me a visit then? :X

Din Hilmi said...

u pay me flight ticket then i go.. i nak emirates a380 yer.. :p