Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rootes, saya kecewa tahu takkkkk???

Aye knowing that Warwick uni offered me Rootes hall it feels like falling sick again. Crestfallen and casted down I could remember it was my only 4th choice. 4th choice
tahuuu! tsk tskk.
Ain't a bright luck there, some got Tocil while some are still in pain of waiting. (sumpah berdebar macam nak tau result SPM bila nak view offer!)

Worthless thumping tho. like duhh! =.="
aaaaaaaaaa kecewaaaaaaaaaaaa. sungguh kecewaaaaaaaaa! why Rootes why Rootes why it hafta be Rootes for god sake I'd never expect that. Not even close. Thought the first 3 choices are the most considerable.? :"( Surprising very and now am soo thwarted and foiled. Like a squeezed ugleyy sponge. Don't think I gonna fancy noisiness, weekly fire drill and extreme parties, doubt that. I doubt that.

Some who whammed the jackpots right under their noses:
Azil - Tocil
Nancy - Tocil
Baby - Tocil
Alya- Tocil
Mike - Tocil
Ch'ng - Tocil
and more too come.

Some who missed the bullets in fair strikes:
saya - Rootes
Sarah - Rootes
Dayah - Rootes
Tinie - Rootes
Erna - Rootes
Eind - Rootes

While guys can easily opt for off-campus. They're guys anyway.

There's blessing in disguise then.? Fair enough, the soo called blessing in disguise. Well I'll keep believing that, at least for now me thinks getting new foreign friends, sharing kitchen and get to know party freak girl-next-door would be somehow kinda comforting. sorta.

Sorry couldn't write much it's disappointing still. X( Guess I'll be considering off campus.?
Those who're waiting, fingers crossed for uni halls but Rootes.


notakaki: now that I know it's Rootes, reluctance creeps I'm not ready to leave.


DoDu@HaHA said...

rootes dekat maaa~ haha~

: nako : said...

iya la dekat but.... :(

DoDu@HaHA said...

It doesn't matter where u live.. It's how u live it which matter most.. hahaha..

kasi 'own' itu rootes!!

: nako : said...

:)) yeap!
don't forget to 'crush' over my rootes ah?haha