Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pancakes, finalleyy! :)

The other day saya bising-bising di FB pasal mau makan pancakes kan? Nah, frust punya pasal tadi malam shopping groceries saya beli terus pancake flour along with its dressings (butter & syrup) *drools. Dah la botol syrup bapak besar, nak makan bukan nya 3X sehari once in a while je kott. So sapa yang rasa mau makan pancakes before October come breakkie over at my house okayy? :))

See the One-Step flour? tad easy haha

Before shopping groceries, sistas and I balun triple cheeseburgers at mcD giant, topped up with some roasted coffee (fave) and online while makan-makan. Devil sista went back home from college today cause she got an interview the day after (balik lambat resume & forms suroh saya buat >.<")

Go Barca, Go Messi! XD

Glad that finally our enrolment issue settled. Alhamdulillah, thanks En. Zul for your email we've dying for that one before raya and semua macam ngeng dah semalam haha. One down, comes eMR. The one yang saya bikin special entry few days ago; drama telenovela (memang berjela-jela guidelines dia. hmmph) Itu pun saya considered done pasal lepas try & error click click status modules and assessment changed to ENTERED, Pending Approval from Approved. LOL

Siamang mana ni? bwahaha

p/s: Izzul Iqbal saved his email's name as Bruce Matthews (pergh sikit macam mat saleh 17kaki punya nama daa) and I never knew that was actually him, thought some random UK people from Uni. Until today when he sent me his details it's been revealed. And I think that exactly answers why En. Zul didn't reply his visa email weeks ago he must have thought that as a spam. bwahaha. (I did too! LOL)


Shahril said...

chenabeng izzul!!!

Din Hilmi said...

la tu ke mcD kuala tganu..?? cam canggih.. bwahaha..

: nako : said...

shahril: ahaha tak tau la kot mmg en zul busy ngan departures gaya and kb.

din: haven't been here? u ought to! it's kinda cool.

DoDu@HaHA said...

lapatuppa baruuuu~~

Baru dari saya =.="

: nako : said...

ape tu encik dodu.? :O
bhsa katak kaa? ;p

Din Hilmi said...

tak penah sampai pon lg.. mcD Abu Dhabi leh sampai lak tp mcD sblah umah pun x penah jejak.. LoL..

: nako : said...

din: lepak la sini one fine day u gonna like it.

Din Hilmi said...

u xde x syok gak.. huu..