Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rootes & Raya

Yesterday when writing the prev Rootes post, I missed a thing; being grateful with what I've got. Yeah I was among the earliest who got to know that Rootes is what I've been offered, and seriously it was disappointing (couldn't help but to think it over) but guess I'm lucky enough to be offered one, ain't it? :")

Told this to one of my friends hoping he'll cheer me up to stay off campus but it struck me over when he said,
"You go there to study so it shouldn't be the matter to be frustrated over" and somehow I knew I've diverged from my main intention of studying, that me keeps on thinking bout travelling X( Thanks birthday boy I know you were just kidding around but that was what I needed the most ;) Nearly drown but you brought me back into reality.

There goes my Rootes. I know most of us are upset cause it's Rootes that matters but the happiest person doesn't get the best of everything but she makes the best out of everything she has ;DD Whatever you choose where ever you decide to stay with, think of your main priority above any other :)

Nah done with accomodation thingy lets get real it's raya sooonn! RAYA OK? Tipu lah tak excited saya tunggu raya much moree than getting to be there kot! Sunggoh tok nawok sikik abok eh :D Ahh raya is everything, UK falls the 2nd.

House needs cleaning soon (so gonna need a Niles!) and more cookies to be baked. tehee too bad this buduh blogspot kept snapping I couldn't upload pixels for some peeping. Later lah ok? Hence and therefore, SHRMZB bloggers and comrades sorry my apology for all my wrong doings, mistakes, harsh words and silly jokes I know I annoyed people much all this while, my badddd :(

For those who're soo happened to be in Kay Tee this Eid, do come at my house (24/7 everyday open LOL) here's the address:

2706, Kg. Paya Datu, Manir,
21200 Kuala Terengganu,

So raya to the fullest shall we? tehee ^^


DoDu@HaHA said...

haha.. SHRMZB~ cool~

: nako : said...

happy eid dodu! (sory i do abbre. alot these days LOL)